Days are flying by quite fast and we’re closer than ever to find out some real news about the iPad 3. But while we wait, nobody is expecting us to be bored, right? So, interesting rumors are flying around these days faster than the speed of light. A very exciting one is related to a Smart Cover that Apple is supposedly working on, to mark the release of the next generation iPad.

Improved Smart Cover for iPad 3

Details about this Smart Cover aren’t exactly very fluid, but there are several theories about it. The first one says the new design Apple is working on could be similar to Incase’s Magazine Jacket – an already established iPad 2 case that Apple users are familiar with. The addition that this new iPad 3 case would bring is the fact that the rear shell will be made up of fiberglass covered in PU/bicast leather.


Then, comes the Japanese technology blog Macotakara, who issues the theory that the next gen iPad will sport a thicker screen and a Smart Cover. iLounge also reported a while ago that the iPad 3 will be thicker but for unknown reasons. The Smart Cover detail seems to be a recent addition it seems so far. Looking from afar, it might be weird if Apple decides to introduce this Smart Cover, because originally the company stated that the iPad is thin and sleek, so basically there would be no reason to hide it with a bulky and uncomfortable case.

The Ideal Case for iPad 3

True. But, carrying the devices around all day does bring up the need to protect it, from all the potential mishaps. So, let’s try and imagine a relevant case, shall we? Well, first off – the ideal case should consist of a frame clipped around the iPad with a fold-around cover. The cover should also be very thin and weigh very little. The case should sport secure frame grips at the upper corners and along the right and left side so the iPad can slide easily into the the frame.


The case should also be used for a number of other different tasks. That’s how it gets the name smart. If you attach struts, then they could act like supports for the case, for example. A number of other uses could be devised for the accessory. There case should also feature an elastic strap to be looped around the device in order to keep the cover closed. There are quite a few possibilities to be considered here, therefore, we are eagerly waiting Apple’s next move towards this direction.

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