The latest Windows 8 presentations might have seemed a little weird to the noob eye with all the changes going on, but that’s nothing compared with what Microsoft is really planning inside its deep secret experimental labs. Microsoft seems to be putting its faith in the younger generation these days, and has proven that at the TechForum 2012 event.

Visionary Screen from Microsoft to Allow Hand Manipulation


It has pushed forward the innovations of the Applied Sciences Group and, particularly, the work of Microsoft Research intern Jinha Lee who’s also a PhD Student at MIT Media Lab and of Cati Boulanger, Researcher for Microsoft Applied Sciences. Let’s take a tour of the future and see how computers might be handled years from now. So, the team assembled a 3D-looking computer interface which gets displayed on a transparent screen.

To build the technology, researches had to borrow a little from Samsung – particularly, the new transparent OLED screen. Upon that, they added their own Kinect sensors and voila – the device of the future was almost ready. What this combination resulted in – is potential users being able to use their hand gestured in order to control the 3D desktop.

Transparent 3D Display to Be Controlled With Bare Hands


How does that exactly work you, might be wondering. Well, let’s start with the Kinect sensors. They are in charge of monitoring the hand gestures so that your perspective is adjusted taking into account the feedback. The keyboard is positioned behind the monitor and for some it might look counter-intuitive at first. But this is done so that users can get a grip on the 3D objects presented behind the screen. It also makes it easier to switch to the usual way you are accustomed to handle a computer – with a keyboard.


The screen is transparent anyway, so don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see what you are typing. The sensors are so smart that they don’t only track your hands but your eyes/head movements in order to adjust the objects presented so you can get a correct view of them. At the moment, the screen is just a prototype, of course, but we sense that this sort of displays will become pretty main stream soon enough, judging by how much 3D technology is highlighted these days (we already have 3D printers, 3D camcorders). In a couple of years you’ll be able to take your love for technology to a whole different level – and be able even to embrace your computer, literally.

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