I always hated when teachers at school made us write our own resumes. I never got the hang of it and to this day, I find it hard to write my resume. And it’s safe to say that there are many like me out there who have the same problem, and with online resume makers, the solution seems near. And, to be honest, it looks much better too!

We all know that the resume gets you an interview anywhere, and if yours stands out of the pile of resumes, then you have more chances to land that dream job you always wanted. So, if you are looking for a job, then a well-made resume is what stands between you and a “sit down” with your potential future boss. I won’t get in interview tactics, but I am going to show you how to make a good resume, one that stands out and one that gives all the chances to make it.

Top 7 Online Resume Makers to Help Your Job Hunt

I particularly like these online resume makers because they structure the information very neat and the end result looks really good. We’ve previously showed you another beautiful resume maker, called Re.vu. If that one doesn’t manage to ease your job search, then we’ve gathered for you 7 more helpful resume makers.

1. CV Maker


This is probably my favorite tool to make and modify my resume. It’s so simple to use and so quick, everyone could do it. The information required is not time-consuming to fill, it covers all the aspects of your professional life, and, at the end, you get a clean and nice resume ready for your next job. You can also download your copy of the resume and send it to wherever you want. A great tool for any job hunter out there. What I would of liked to see was support for picture upload, but asides that, a very good tool, nonetheless.

2. OnlineCV


Making a resume has never been easier! This tool is the perfect way to get all the information about you in one place, in a nice order and it ads a nice, professional look to your resume. Also, this online resume maker allows you to upload your photo and attach it to your CV. OnlineCVis is one of the best resume makers I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. I recommend this tool to anyone who is serious about having a good resume, you can download it and then send it or upload it to any website where you want to land some jobs.

3. Resunate


One of the most formal online resume makers I have ever seen. Although, it does not have support for uploading a photo, it does make your life way more easy when it comes to making your resume. You have to input all your information and the resume maker does all the work for you. The information is very well positioned in the page, and one of its best features is that it gives you a liberty that other online resume makers do not, and that is that you can organize and select whatever order of your information, and not just follow a wizard to make your CV. A bit more work for a bit more resume.

4. VisualCV


Not the simplest online resume making tool out there but if you stick with it and fill out all the information required, the result is going to be surprising. VisualCV is a very good tool for creating your resume, the look is very professional and the information is very well structured in the final result. This tool lets you upload a photo and download a PDF file on your computer. I would recommend it to those who have the time and patience necessary to finish their CV, in short, those who are serious about how their resume looks.

5. JobSpice


JobSpice is an excellent online resume maker, actually, one of the best, I might add. It completes your resume very easy, with lots of details and very well structured. It gives users the possibility to download their resumes and it makes the resumes look very professional. A great tool to have at your disposal if you are looking for a new job.

6. Praux


This might not be the most conventional or user friendly online resume maker I have ever seen, but they make some of the best looking ones of all. Praux have only a few themes, or the possibility to create your own, but they all look very professional and easy to use. No unnecessary graphics to clutter your CV, just the basic information you need. I love using this tool because as far as online resume makers go, Praux is one of the best.

7. SpongeResume


Their tag line is “Have a Great Resume Your Way”, and that is true. SpongeResume offers users lots of cool features and customizations for their resumes. I like using this tool because it’s easier to use then most others and the end result is a great resume, ready to download when ever you want.



We presented you with seven innovative options above in order for you to update your resume to greatness and get a hold of that terrific job you always wanted to have.  But maybe the most creative of our readers were left craving for something more visual. Here’s where ResumUp comes in.

This brand new startup emerged all the way from St. Petersburg and is focused on bringing visual resumes, which they consider the next step in the evolution of CVs and visual job vacancies all one place. You might be wondering what visual job vacancies are, and for those not familiar with the term, well they are jobs that attract interested parties through social network channels such as Facebook. And with ResumUp, it is much easier to determine whether or not you meet the necessary criteria for the job and it is worth a shot to try to apply for the job.

To make it more clear, ResumUp bases its ideology on infographics. It will tap on your Facebook profile to get all the information it needs to fill in the CV and it will add an extra bonus – a psycho-social analysis. Fancy, isn’t it? It’s also pretty painless to get it started. The only downside is that you must invite friends to push the process all the way into absolute completion. If you don’t like what ResumUp has gathered up from your profile, don’t worry, there’s the option of editing everything. Once you are done share your “baby” on Facebook or Twitter for everyone to see.

It’s really important to not underestimate the importance of a well made resume, and with these online resume makers, you will definitely get to that interview faster than the others in the waiting line. What you do in there, is up to you. We only hope that our collection of online resume makers will help you achieve your job goal.

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