Ever had dreams of total control, of being in charge? Of being able to interact with almost everything? So did we, that’s why we’re bringing you news of this little app that lets users link their mobile devices with their browsers, thus transforming their smartphone into some sort of omniscient remote.

Clik App Ports Your Android/iPhone Screen

So, let’s imagine that somebody sent you a link with a YouTube video in it via Facebook. What do you? You could open it on your smartphone, but you want to get a better view, of course. You could open a browser on your computer device but that will take too long wouldn’t it? Well, here’s were the new app comes in. If you use it, Clik will magically teleport your YouTube video from your phone directly into the nearest web browser. Abracadabra!


To get it, users must head to ClickThis.com and then open the software on their smartphone. A QR code pops up that needs to be scanned on ClickThis.com and like that, your browser opens its gates to all sort of media and stuff coming from your smartphone. The app comes to iOS devices as well as to Android ones. What a real charm. Some would say that this app does basically the same thing that the recent Ubuntu for Android feature from Canonical does, but even if Linux’s operating system is one of the most versatile and good-looking in the tech world, some wouldn’t prefer to switch to that.

Clik Delivering a Viewing Experience Similar to Airplay

Clik CEO Ted Livingstone stated in an interview earlier this week that the company wanted to provide the basic Airplay experience with minimum of effort involved. Yes, there are similar apps out there with the same purpose, but no way did they beat Clik in simplicity and real time speed. And the best thing about it, is that it can be used on any screen whatsoever – that means that users could go on challenging the authority of a Windows or Linux computer screen – it doesn’t matter, the app would work perfectly on each of them.

The company behind Clik is also notorious for inventing Kik – an almost instantaneous message sending service. Livingstone stated that Clik was in the making years ago, but the technology behind it somehow got transferred to Kik instead.

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2 thoughts on “Clik Lets you Magically Port your Smartphone Screen

  1. good idea.. But one thing .. Does it work over the air or internet ?

    If it is over wireless , its awesome , else data charges would be huge

  2. It works over the internet. From their FAQ section – “screen must have a viable Internet connection (via WiFi, cable, DSL, or wireless) with the ability to surf the Internet. “

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