We all get them. Newsletters from web shops, restaurants, car companies, you name it. But have you ever wondered how the process of creating newsletter goes? It’s not that easy to go through, we can tell you that. But, this new startup we are going to be talking about might be used as a tool to simplify that process. Literally.


Use Tiny Letter to Send Free and Simple Newsletters

It’s called TinyLetter and to get started, head on to the company webpage and build yourself an account, choose your username. This username then automatically becomes your sign-up URL for those interested in getting your newsletter. And it’s all completely free. What I like most about it is that it is incredibly simple and very intuitive. MailChimp, another newsletter service, seems to have acquired TinyLetter recently. And this is a good thing, because MailChimp was an exemplary service provider especially since it offered a big bonus as well – a big stash of educational materials to choose from.

On the other hand, TinyLetter is a service perfect for those just getting started, thus not knowing a whole deal about newsletter. There’s also minimum effort involved in the process of creating them, which is always a good thing for noobs. It doesn’t have all the full figured features MailChimp provides, but that’s the point – TinyLetters aims for simplicity and functionality. MailChimp even described TinyLetters as being the Lite version of the initial technology. The language has also been simplified to fit the needs of those who aren’t really experts but want to give it a go anyway.

Send Unlimited Newsletter for Free


So how long to create a personal newsletter? Well, choose your user name and give your newsletter a name and then your done. How much that takes? About 2 minutes or so. Then the drafting begins. Then, import the list of emails you want to send the document to and voila! What really took me by surprise was that there’s no price for the service, whatsoever. So, if you have an audience of some thousand subscribers and you just want to send basic messages, not too much customizations, then I guess you should use TinyLetter instead of paying lots of money to other newsletter creators.

Customization is also possible and very intuitive, as well. Upload your own graphics or just use the backgrounds and media provided by the program. It’s your choice. Now, even smaller businesses have a chance of creating a very pro like design for their newsletter without paying a dime. It’s a nice initiative and we hope we’re going to hear good things about it in the future.

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