Just last week, Microsoft unleashed its Windows 8 consumer preview, and with it, tons of goodies were unleashed towards the masses. The new Metro interface is modern and stylish and the first thing that hits you when you lay your eyes on it, are the graphics. Themes have been a very important feature of Windows 7 and they will go on to hold the same status as in Windows 8.


Windows 8 Comes With Panoramic Themes for Dual Monitors

But, first things first – themes created in Windows 7 will work in Windows 8 but themes created in Windows 8 will not be compatible with Windows 7, unfortunately, because their file format is not the same.  The most puzzling feature that comes with the improved software must be the ability to use panoramic themes extended as background upon two different monitors.

Well, some of us might be asking – what’s the utility for this, how many users actually do use “multimon” in real life? There’s no definitive answer for that but the fact remains that now, panoramic views are enabled and can be displayed across two monitors. For those with only one average monitor, panoramic images are also available for use. The thing is they will be cropped to the center of the screen. The images all belong to the Windows Personalization Gallery from which users can extract some exquisite and artistic pictures to use for their background.

Autocolor in Windows 8

And there’s more for users of dual monitors. The themes which sport regular size images will not end up duplicating the object in the other monitor, but will be displaying a different one altogether. It does not matter if it is a Windows 7 one, because Windows 8 will convert it immediately.


Autocolor is another interesting feat which will prove beneficial to your eyes and inner artist spirit. Each Windows 8 theme will automatically shift the desktop and taskbar color like a chameleon, in order to match the dominant color of the theme you’ve chosen or created judy like in the above picture.

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