Social media has managed to sneak in every little aspect of our lives. Whether we decide to go for a meal at a favorite restaurant or to look for a book. Or even go for shopping. Every self respecting company has now a Facebook or Twitter account and lots of them have found that it does a world of good to their revenues. Life has moved to social media and is dragging you with her.

Social Media Analysis to Predict Election Outcomes

And what does Facebook has, I mean, really has? Tons and tons of people. That’s why reports saying that analytics firms are looking to social media to find predictions and clues to Super Tuesday’s winner are not taken out straight out of a Science Fiction book. Even if they might not be too similar to traditional polls.


Let’s take this particular case, Super Tuesday: you see, traditional polls will have us believe that we should expect a tight race between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, especially in the state of Ohio. But SocialMatica, an online analytics site, seem to hold a very different opinion. They have been sailing the realms of social media gathering info and it has come up with a very different theory. Rick Santorum will rank last everywhere but in Ohio, they say. But even there, he will rank third, after Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Mitt Romney is predicted to win in seven out of the ten states.

Social Media Decyphered to Tell Election Winner

The firm’s dashboard goes even further, showcasing the influence the candidates by administering to each candidate a rating between 1 and 10. The number they end up getting is extracted from to the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn data, after monitoring discussion groups and forums.


Super Tuesday means that Americans across 10 states:

  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Massachusetts
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont 
  • Virginia

get to go voting. Thanks to the SocialMatica analysis, candidate Romney has been envisioned the winner in seven states, namely Massachusetts, Virginia, Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota. Georgia will be snatched by candidate Gingrich, while Alaska will be taken by Ron Paul and Vermont by candidate Santorum. We’re pretty curios of how these predictions turn out to be. Social media and politics are a curious mix, but nevertheless, a mix which might progress in the near future, when new methods of analysis will surface. We better keep an eye out for it.


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