The world today is all about smartphones. But what would happen if you would get stranded in a deserted place, let’s say? First off, you would want to reach a place where you could get signal so you could call for help, but what good would that do, if you finally manage to get there and found yourself with a dead phone on your hands. Smartphones are about connectivity in the modern world, but if things get though, you better forget about them. In times of need you would need something more sustainable.

Spare One Phone With Almost Eternal Battery

What would be the best option when going on a thrill inducing risky trip? Well, how about the Spare One Phone. This very simple device runs on a single AA battery you can buy almost everywhere and can last up to almost 15 years of use. It won’t provide you with the latest pictures updates from Facebook or Twitter but it sure could save your life one day.


That was the concept the company behind the Spare One had in mind – providing individuals with a viable option of calling for help in times of need. The cell phone is small enough to fit almost anywhere. It can go in your car, in your bag, in your kid’s backpack. There aren’t a lot of buttons on it, so everybody should be able to use it, starting from small kids and going all the way to disabled seniors.

Small, Compact Spare One Phone With 15 Years of Battery Life

The phone has been designed by the XPAL Power firm and has been released at the CES, earlier this year. To get it working, you will need to purchase a SIM card from carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T in the United States. To call for help, all users need to do is press the center button, after programming the exact emergency number they want to dial in case of major problems. Other numbers can be added to speed dial service. The Spare One Phone model has started shipping already, if we are to believe to what the company’s website is saying. However, there are no news about pricing or availability.


What amount of money do you have to pay to get the device? Not much, rumors point that interested buyers thinking about their safety will have to pay $50 in order to get their bands on it. Just pop an AA battery in and add your SIM card and that’s it. We all know how annoying are the issues with smartphone batteries, so maybe what you need, in case of emergency, is Spare One Phone. If you happen to need it 4 years after, the phone will be functional and waiting for you.

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