The new iPad. Yes, it seems that Apple has lost a few creative folks in their marketing deparment as this new name is, softly speaking, weird. When you have such a lot of free buzz around you and tons of websites feeding millions of fanboys for you, the best you could come up with, Apple, is … the new iPad? Anyway, a good thing that happened with the launch of the new iPad is the price cut for iPad 2.

iPad 2 Gets a $100 Price Cut

Nonetheless, you must be impressed by the new king of the tablet jungle.  Maybe is not the time to give up the idea of purchasing the formerly highly admired iPad 2, being given that you also get a $100 discount. Loyal to their previous strategy to slash the prices for older models as soon as new ones became available, Apple made a similar announcement about iPad 2 at the release of what we have to call the new iPad.


The second generation iPad with support for Wi Fi and 16 GB storage space is now available for $399. Add 3G support and you’ll have to come up with $120 more.

“This is really huge — so many more people can afford to get into this groundbreaking technology. This is a really big deal,”

explained Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at the recent Apple big event event.

Apple Sticking to Their Strategy of Slashing Prices to Old Models

As Apple previously accustomed us, even though the company adopts an aggressive strategy to push forward on the market new products, they don’t forget to squeeze some cash from previous models, as well. At the iPhone 4S release with its seductive new features, users who couldn’t get their hand on the pricey new device could get previous iPhones much cheaper or even for free form their favorite carriers, provided they signed a two year contract.

Now, with the cut throat competition on the tablet market and with the overwhelming cheap Android models, Apple was even expected to drastically slash prices of the iPad 2. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if, at the launch of iPad 3, they could slash the price by $100 more and by the time they reach iPad 5, we could get the first one for free?

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