Once the Windows 8 consumer preview got out, some users were shocked or disappointed to find out that the Microsoft team has decided to remove the Start button from the Start Menu. How do you get about it now? Well, the dogma was that user will just have to get used to tap the Windows key in order to bring the Metro Start Screen up-front. This might be perceived as annoying by more traditional users, but they will be happy to find out that a solution exists for their woes. And that solution is called Start8.

Start8 Revives Start Button in Windows 8

Yes, Start8 will summon the Lazarus Effect over your taskbar, bring back from the dead the all too familiar Windows 7 Orb to the left corner, where you have become accustomed to see it. And that’s not all it does. It will update your version of the Start Menu and two more convenient options will be added as well, to the Windows 8 menu, which pops up when you right-click in the bottom left corner: run and shut down.


On default, Start8 shows only the App section of Windows 8 Start Screen, but that’s not irreversible. It can be set to show the main section of the Start Screen. Then, if you right-click on the Start Orb you get to switch between the sections, pick another Start Button image, open the Run window and such. Summarizing, the customization brought to Windows 8 by Start8 has these features:

  1. “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
  2. Quick access and searching of your installed applications
  3. Custom Start button image
  4. Shutdown via right-click menu


Who’s behind Star8, you might be wondering? Well, it’s a very famous Windows shell modification company called Stardock which has released apps like:

  • WindowsBlinds
  • ObjectDock
  • BootSkin
  • Fences

These softwares offer to the creative users endless possibilities of customizing their Windows interfaces, so it’s natural they would have jumped at the chance to implement a feature that most users obviously want.

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