The era of technology is advancing quite fast, computers and smartphones are spreading everywhere like plague and everything is slowly becoming digitized. Still, the old ways have not abandoned us yet. If you ever step into a secretary’s office today, you’ll be amazed of the amount of paper she could fit in there. Some would classify that as total waste and they would be right. But German based company Doctape might have the solution to fix that for good.

Doctape, Organizing All Your Documents in a Single Place


Enter Doctape’s online realm – a place where business files or personal files can be stored safely and shared anytime, anywhere. Not only do the people in charge of Doctape want to make you forget about piles and piles of documents stashed in the most inconvenient places, they want to help you organize your files as neatly as possible. Come on, admit it. Even with web files, it sometimes feels like rocket science when you have to arrange them and classify them.

You see, for Doctape, it’s really important to know what’s in your files and what type they are. Thus, you can read a book in epub format or watch a quick video before lunch without actually downloading the actual file. The team behind Doctape used the same platform that eBay, LinkedIn and Microsoft before them used, called Node.js. When starting out, users are given a digital filling cabinet dubbed “the tape”, which is uploaded and then can be tagged in a certain category (like PDF, Microsoft World, JPEG etc).

The Documents Chaos Ends With Doctape


Then, the file can move on to be viewed (no download involved), shared or downloaded. And it’s not just about sharing a file or a couple of files. Doctape enables you to share the entire tape with another person. The Doctape interface is simple to handle and very intuitive. Everything is out in the open; you can easily spot your files, tags or shared documents. There are no folders because Doctape relies on tagging. Files can be ported to Doctape by using drag and drop, which magically causes files to be uploaded.

So far, Doctape is still in beta mode but will soon enough be released for the general public. A pro version will be in the works, one that will allow for professional files to be stored as well, which will probably cost more than 10 Euros. The iOS and Android version will be released as well, so mobile users shouldn’t worry about being left out.

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