One tablet has been revealed to the general public and another is on its way. Every day and week, we have a new rumor or a new gossip regarding these shiny gadgets. Or that’s what gossip spreading around the Internet these days seems to be suggesting. Asus has been long said it will partner up with Google in order to release the long awaited tablet from Google, Nexus. Now, it seems that the device got a release date. Apparently, it will pop out in its full splendor somewhere around May, say Digitimes’ trusty sources.

Google/Asus to Release The Nexus Tablet in May


This will be the first Google branded tablet, indeed, and could join ranks with other affordable devices like the Kindle Fire. The price tag hasn’t been set yet, but it seems that it will land somewhere between $200-$250, making it a cheaper alternative to fancier stuff like the iPad.

Asus has already launched a 7 inch tablet at CES called Asus Memo 370T, but the device is not available for purchase at the moment. It might not be so far-fetched to think that the Asus-Google tablet might come with similar specifications. The Asus Memo 370T comes packed with a 7 inch touchscreen display and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, a processor by quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3, plus a 1GB of storage.

Google Couldn’t Easily Find a Partner For Upcoming Nexus Tablet

But Asus wasn’t apparently Google’s first choice. Before deciding to shake hands, the search behemoth was in talks with HTC and Acer. HTC passed on the offer (probably too busy with their new line of super-smartphones) because it was just not in its interest to start working on a low-cost tablet, while Acer wasn’t good enough of a partner, as it does not have its own R&D department.

We fail to see why HTC was so skittish about joining in the deal. All they had to do was take a look at how Amazon’s Kindle Fire or Barnes&Nobles’s Nook Tablet have become to see that the masses are indeed interested in acquiring a tablet at a decent enough price. Although the two tablets mentioned above have their backs covered by the media libraries the users automatically gain access after purchasing the devices. Amazon hosts videos, TV shows, apps, books, music while Barnes&Noble offers apps, magazine and e-books for purchase. What will Google offer, this is the question?

Google-Asus Tablet’s Price, Less Than $200?

New information surfaced regarding the tablet partnership between Google and Asus sedimenting the rumors spread so far. “Android and Me” apparently got hold of some serious information that stipulated that a quad-core Nexus tablet which will cost $149 is set in stone. However, this is not the only version presented on the Internet.

The Verge seems to think differently and is placing the price tag somewhere around $199. Even so, the implications are huge. With such prices being considered, it is definitely possible that if the rumors turn out to be true, Amazon Kindle Fire is going to see its first real competition since it was launched. Reports go on to say that in order to keep the costs as low as possible, Asus picked Qualcomm and axed the NVIDIA Tegra 3

photo credits: cnet

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