In one of the episodes of the TV show “The new girl”, Jess – the main character, who’s a teacher, tries to help a group of students who were supposed to go to detention, learn to play bells instead, hoping it might brighten their spirits. They are supposed to enroll in a competition too, and they keep at it most of the day, practicing.


Sonalight, The Android App to Text While Driving

But then, there’s the moment when Jess let’s them have a break. “5 minute break”, she says “for texting”. So, the kids immediately take out their smartphones and start sending out messages. No snacks, no juice, no going to the bathroom. Just texting. Are people that obsessed? Apparently, they are. And companies are looking to make profit out of this obsession.

Like the guys behind this new app called Sonalight. They have come up with a solution to a problem that’s getting a lot of people worked up and frustrated, I’m sure. The inability to text while driving. Well, that’s a thing of the past now too, with Sonalight. Users using this app get the opportunity to send text messages while driving through voice. No need to get your fingers all over the screen either. Just open the app and talk your way through the message. When it’s done, just ask the phone to send it to Julia, for example.

Hands-Free Texting With Sonalight


How about, if you receive a message and you really, really want to see what it says. It might be from your crush, after all. No problem, Sonalight has that figured out as well. It will set an auto-responder for your incoming text messages aloud, and you will be able to respond back using your own voice, of course. Take that, Siri-less new iPad!

So far, Sonalight is, for now, only an Android app, but more versions could be rolling out soon. The software debuted last year in October and already reached its third version. The application works completely hand-free, and works in the back, letting you see other apps as well. To trigger it just use the code phrase: “text by voice” and away you go!


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