These days, having a place where you can store your online and media files has become a big deal. Most of the planet’s users download tons of information everyday ranging from movies, software and music, but this information needs to go somewhere. Well, yes, there are the obvious choices like Dropbox (or you could go for its alternatives) or iCloud, but using those means moving your information onto their servers.


You could “feint” the system and not pay for anything, getting quite a lot of free cloud storage! Which might not be something some users would want to do. Some information, they might feel, is just too sensitive to be ported on foreign ground like that.

Space Monkey Delivers 1TB of Storage With Torrent-like Technology

But the creative team behind the new startup Space Monkey is looking to change all that. Forget the Dropbox-style storage features, Space Monkey will offer you your own terabyte physical hard drive. The data on it can be accessed through mobile apps and connected computers. Pretty cool! But that’s not all. The brilliant part is yet to come. The 1 terabyte hard drive somehow magically clones itself providing the users with twice the capacity.

How does Space Monkey store files? Just imagine BitTorrent files and how torrent clients work. The data is broken up into chunks of info. When a user wants to download a file remotely, the service will connect you with the peers who are closest to you, thus securing maximum speed. Also, when you access your data from a browser, let’s say, the info is picked up from the nearest Space Monkey driver, which may or not be the one from your home, thus providing users with a quicker response.

Space Monkey is Way Cheaper Than Dropbox


If the offer sounds good, but you are wary of security issues, do not worry, the service is well protected thanks to a combination of AES-128 and RSA-4096 encryption. As for the price, get ready to be pleasantly surprised – 1TB of storage will cost users $10 per month. That’s way cheaper than what Dropbox will normally charge for 100GB – which is $19.99.

Some other features like sharing and collaborative tools are probably going to be added soon. The service is not ready yet for launch and is probably still being tested but it is probably going to be all set for the public’s eyes in the few more months. To get more details and the exact date of the unleashing, interested parties could go and subscribe to a newsletter on the company’s site.

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