Android Applications have revolutionized the way phones are used. Smartphones loaded with innumerable android applications have changed the lifestyles of millions of people across the globe. There are android applications that perform well on tablets too. Even though Apple’s iPad allures with many user friendly features, tablets are able to survive and offer infinite numbers of android applications to boost performance and productivity.


8 Android Tablet Apps to Boost Productivity

1. Google Docs – Google Docs let you go for collaborative editing. With the latest update on Google Doc, it is easy to create, edit, upload and share files from your tablet. The community requested feature ‘Offline editing’ has been added of-late. You will be able to edit the document in real-time along-with other collaborators. You can also get a better view of the docs. This feature will greatly enhance your productivity.

2. Evernote – In addition to your left brain and right brain usage, Evernote works as an extension of your brain. The application remembers all the actions you perform through various devices. As your work is organized, there will be improvement in productivity. It lets you take notes, create to-do lists and offer video reminders. It is easy to access the information stored in Evernote.

3. Dropbox – Dropbox is a simple Android application to synchronize your files across laptop, desktop and mobile phone. You can download the application free of cost and offers offline access as well. Even though you cannot move files across folders, the application gives impressive performance.

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4. Google Translate – With Google translate you can converse in more than 60 languages. This gives you unique possibility to share knowledge and expertise with people scattered around the world. The translation happens in real-time which makes your conversation hassle-free.

5. Box – The cloud-based data service offers security as the data is encrypted. It has good search capabilities and can be access in offline also. The application is useful for small to medium businesses as it has features to share data among applications.

6. Printshare – Printshare is a premium application which helps you manage printing in times of emergency right from your tablet. You should enable ‘Google Cloud Print’ to access this feature and it is easy to configure the application.

7. – is a very useful android application to check the upload and download speeds. This application can be loaded on Android 1.6 and above versions. It will also record the data after conducting the test. The date of test and type of connection like 3G, Wi-Fi will be recorded. This data can be exported in .csv format. Finding the internet connection speed will be useful as you will be able to decide whether to download or not through the tablet from the particular location.

8. WordPress for Android 2.0 – WordPress for Android 2.0 fulfills blogger’s requirements on tablet. A scrolling list of items will be displayed on the left hand side and detailed view will be displayed on the right hand side. You can easily manage the editor and track statistics on your site. Post status will be displayed in the post list. Post uploads can be checked in the background.

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