For all you Chrome fans who are looking for the next treasure in the Chrome Store, a new app designed as a productivity tool just became available: Tab Shutter. It’s a brand new application that wasn’t tested on too many users and we are lucky to have found it. Some users are complaining that it has some flaws. We tested it and it works perfectly fine; if you do encounter some issues, that’s because the application is still in its early days.

Resume Your Tabs on Chrome With Tab Shutter


Developed with the specific purpose to deliver a more comfortable browsing experience, Chrome Shutter allows users to take snapshots of the tab configuration. The convenience comes from the option to open the exactly same tabs at a later date from anywhere. The app is integrated with the Google accounts which means that no special sign in requirements or passwords are needed in order to benefit from the Tab Shutter. Google will ask for permission to link the app with the Google account but there are privacy settings in place.

“No personal information is shared by Google to me other than the email to uniquely identify/store your sessions. I do not share your email with a third party, ”

informs us the company behind Tab Shutter.

Use Snapshots to Save All Your Chrome Tabs

Snapshots are stored in special lists and are easily accessible. The user only needs to click the Tab Shutter button that appears in the address bar and type in the name of the browsing session for easy reference, for instance “Chemistry research”, “trip to Naples” or just type the date of your working day. Later on, all the visited webpages will be available with just a click of a button. There is no need to scavenge through a cluttered browsing history, which can prove time consuming particularly if you are a frantic net surfer.

Tab Shutter, submitted in the Chrome Store by Nina Mar, is a fairly young app in the Productivity category and it comes only with English support. The 1.1.0 version was released on March 13 and it probably fixed the bugs in earlier version, as the warnings posted by early adopters don’t seem to be accurate anymore. The app can be easily installed and accessed and it works well.

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