You might remember that just last week, we talked about an app that enables you to text through voice while driving, Sonalight. Because we do live in an era where communication has become the dogma to rule society, everybody seems to be doing it. One way or another. Your aunt may not be much of a wiz when it comes to advanced smartphone technology but she sure does know how to handle some “basic” technology like messenger. So there you have it. Texting has become the blood running though our veins.

TalkOver, The Application That Tries to Revive Chats


Meet the Android/iOS (soon to be added) built app TalkOver, the newest and easiest way to get in touch with those that matter in your life. Just think – reinvented messenger concept with a sprinkle of tasty social media features. To get started, you don’t even need an account, just sign with your Facebook ID and password. We know that the Facebook messenger is great, but it will not work for your Android smartphone.

The interface is pretty intuitive, but if you don’t get it all from the start, don’t worry, brief explanations about what different screens do are produced once you advance into the program. The app is divided into feeds and there are 3 kinds of them:

  1. There’s My Feed – the place where you chat,
  2. Global Feed – where you can see the chat feed happening in TalkOver
  3. Interesting – a zone divided into WHL&NHL, Photography, Comics, Good Food

Friends can be added to the chat in an easy way. Just choose them from your Facebook list and the app automatically sends an invite over. Once they have agreed to join you, their name will pop up in your TalkOver contact area.

Chat is Not Dead, According to TalkOver


If you feel like making new friends, try adding people from the global chat area. To learn a thing or two about them, you can click their avatar. The added social ingredient gives users who find something interesting on the Internet, the opportunity to share it with friends and talk about it at the same time. The app can run in the background but it will send out notifications.

Actually, there are two kinds of notifications in TalkOver. The first ones you receive when friends change their statuses, if you get invitations or chat request approvals. The other kind will notify users when new messages have arrived for them. The company behind the app is called Bartech Initiatives Corp and is a software advancement business with an interest for designing application for mass mobile platforms.

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