We all love to get stuff for free, and in these days of techno-living free cloud storage is quit a treat! Safely storing documents, images, reports, messages has become a need in our modern society and that’s why such businesses as Dropbox are enjoying enormous success. Dropbox is a role-model for many start-ups out there, such as SpaceMonkey, for example. Being able to access your files safely from anywhere is something that everybody these days wants to do, and that’s why Apple created iCloud.

Get Extra Free 3GB from Dropbox


Camera upload is a new functionality in Dropbox and they are giving away this amount of free cloud storage to make the feature more known, apparently. This isn’t quite news, but it seems that users weren’t taking advantage of this, so Dropbox felt like doing a reminder on how you can get free 3GB:

  • Upload a photo using Camera Upload and you’ll instantly get 500MB of extra Dropbox space
  • If you’ve finished importing your photos using the desktop application, you may still have to wait until Dropbox finishes syncing before free space is applied to your account
  • Every 500MB you upload via the Camera Upload feature bumps you up another 500MB
  • You can bump your Dropbox storage up ten times for a total of 3GB of free space. In other words, to reach your limit you have to upload 2.5GB through the Camera Upload feature

The downside of this whole thing is that it works only for Android users, sorry iPhone/iPad lovers! Obviously, by using your phone, your photos won’t have the highest size, so it will take you quite a while to get all those free GB for your photographic needs. Also, remember that you can no use, unfortunately, that free space for other stuff besides photos.

[via LifeHacker]

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