Apple always loves to be discrete. It quietly rolls out improvements for its products and slips in undetected tweaks. This time, the pattern has been observed, as well, with the release of the new iOS 5.1. that came in last week. This particular improvement might have slipped the curios eye of many users, especially those who are not accustomed of using the Reminders app in the previous version. As it turns out, iDevice lovers have been served with a new geofence functionality in iOS 5.1.

Geofencing Indicator Added in iOS 5.1


If you are wondering what geofencing is, we’ll tell you. The geofence in iOS 5.1 is a perimeter relative to a particular location, which gets turned on by a specific application. What triggers the geofence indicator and the activation in iOS 5? The use of the GPS system. Basically, the geofence feature will inform the user of its geo coordinates and his location in a certain perimeter. The Stickies app uses the geofence indicator already. What this little program does, is that in enables the user to set a notification and to be served with that notification when it gets into that certain location/perimeter.

Geofencing Indicator in iOS 5.1, Another Battery Drainer?

So, from now on, your device will get a Status Bar Icon shaped like an arrow in order to highlight the fact that you may or may not have an active geofence. The icon can also be spotted in Settings/Location Service near apps that use the services of geofence. We are only wondering if this new feature is one of the battery issue causer, since it’s also an application inside the Location Service section that was reported by users to be a trouble-maker.

Apparently, Apple is very wary about users knowing if they are using the functionality or not. This is probably due to the privacy issues everybody has been so concerned of these days. Apple’s paranoia didn’t start now, it all dates back to the iOS 4 when the company decided to list all the apps that require users’ location in order to work. With the release of iOS 5, the possibility of users axing some system level feats that use the client’s location has been added. Nevertheless, the new functionality has loads of potential and we’d certainly like to see it implemented in other apps as well.

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