Last week, we showed you Top Android Map Apps, now we turn to the other spectrum and take a look at Top iPhone Map Apps. Since Apple’s iPhone has such a great number of users, it’s only fair to find the best iPhone Map Apps available to them, to use them on their next vacation or hike.

Even as an Android user, I must admit that these Map apps look awesome. Nice graphics, rounded edges, they really look like something meant to work on a Apple product. But enough chatting, here you go:

Top iPhone Map Apps

9. oMaps


oMaps, or Offline Maps, lets you use great quality maps with no internet connection on the iPhone. The maps look great, they have excellent detail and low loading time. The app has GPS positioning, so you can always know where you are and what’s around you. Although, the search function does not work in offline mode, the overall feel and features of the app make it a great iPhone map app. But keep in mind, if you want to use it on the iPod Touch, you will need a Wi-Fi connection.

8. Trails – GPS


If you are a hiker, jogger or any “outdoor-ish” person, then you will love this app. Trails lets you import or export trails to other devices or websites and share your routes with your friends using and TrailRunner or even Google Earth. You can easily find great tracks and use the GPS to navigate with no Internet connection needed. The app lets you switch between road maps or topographic maps so you can record and share, or view what tracks your friends liked. A great iPhone GPS/map app for all hikers out there.

7. The Cartographer


If only all iPhone map apps looked like this one…but sadly, they do not. I must admit, the Cartographer is the best looking iPhone map app both in iTunes store or in Android Market, or Google Play. As far as the app goes, it uses online Google Maps, but it also works offline with OpenStreetMap. This way, you can download the offline map and plan your tour of any city or place in great detail in advance, so you won’t have to suffer from roaming charges or no notwork coverage.

6. MapQuest


We’ve seen this app in the Best Android Map Apps, and now, we see it again. This is a testimony to how good MapQuest really is. It has a host of features for its users to enjoy and it works just as well as the Android version: really fast and very reliable. The GPS can quickly guide you to just about any point of interest anywhere, including hotels, restaurants, fuel stations and many more. A complete traveller’s package in one app.

5. OffMaps 2


Offline, offline, offline. Bottom line is that this iPhone Map app can search locations and information about those places on Wikipedia (with images), fully offline. Although you must buy the maps in order to use them, and at $0.33/map or $5.99 for all the maps available it’s a bargain when you think of the amount of information you get.

4. OpenMaps


Offline maps that show your friend’s locations via Twitter. This what OpenMaps has to offer, apart from a great map service with lots of information and places of interest. You can use GPS to find places and then Twitter your location to your friends with one tap. OpenMaps also lets you search for near places of interest and then seek information about those locations. All in all, OpenMaps is an iPhone Map app that makes maps fun.

3. City Maps 2Go


Updated frequently and I’ve never had any problems. Highly recommended!” This is the review from one of the users of City Maps 2Go. And there are lots more like this one on the iTunes store. City Maps 2Go is a completely offline iPhone Map App (it does require Internet connection to update, but it works offline), so you won’t have to worry about roaming charges. You can search for points of interest and add bookmarks to your map, as well.

2. Galileo Offline Maps


Galileo Offline Maps takes the second place only because it’s not free. The level of details and the map are awesome. I don’t know why, but I could look at this map all day long and never get tired of it. The maps work in offline mode very well, but you have to fiddle with them a while to make them. You have to create your offline maps using Mobile Atlas Creator. But apart from these, Galileo is one of the best iPhone Map Apps out there.

1. Maps + Compass


What better iPhone map app than the one developed by Apple themselves. This app works brilliant, no crashes, no compatibility issues, just a great map and great navigator. Of course, it may not have the features of other apps, but on the other hand, you can still use the compass and navigation features and other developer apps will never have the level of stability that Apple Maps have, and it comes pre-installed on your iPhone and you can use it free of charge.

And there you go. Now, even if you are an Android user or an iPhone user, on your next trip you will be “fully covered” and you won’t have to be afraid of getting lost anywhere you decide to go. Enjoy our collection of best iPhone map apps.

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