As probably Micrsoft realized that we are hard to please when it comes to the user interface, the upcoming Internet Explorer version will give us the option to choose between a sleek view and a traditional one. Recently, some snapshots leaked to the media revealing a “Metro-style” version clean and elegant with the design inspired by the latest tablet and smartphone apps.


Internet Explorer 10 Will be Integrated With Apps in Windows 8

The other version will favor a more traditional approach that is meant not to confuse the fans of the standard desktop browser. We’ll all have to choose from the very beginning one version, but, apparently, we’ll be allowed to change our minds later on. Regardless of the version the new Internet Explorer built, Windows 8 aims to enhance the browsing experience.

Rob Mauceri, group program manager for Internet Explorer, explained in a blog post that Internet Explorer 10

“is designed to make website interaction fast and fluid for touch as well as for heavy mouse and keyboard use.”

The new IE will provide the tools for organizing web surfing. The user will be able to employ navigation tiles in different colours to filter the most visited websites or the pinned websites. Both categories will be displayed on the Start screen (you can get back the old Windows Start button, if you like to) to allow the user jump directly into his or her favourite side of the web without much typing and searching.

A New Level of Browsing Comes With Internet Explorer 10

The tabs and Navigation bar also received a face lift in the new Metro style IE 10. Easy to use controls for the standard commands will be displayed aside new tools. The address bar, for instance, will be able to show indications about secure sites, and it will come with the auto complete and web search functions.

The next version of Internet Explorer will be able to accommodate the latest tablets running on Windows 8. Internet Explorer 10 automatically adjusts to the touch keyboards and helps the user type in the desired website’s address faster. To make the new Internet Explorer even more appealing for the users, Microsoft promises that the browser will be able to offer better protection against malicious websites.

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