A group of five enthusiast Romanian developers came up with a must-have tool for avid Internet users who need to manage documents, create complex projects while keeping track of the sources. Shelfster allows users to capture and sort all kind of information collected form a wide array of sources. Features like crop screen capture, clip text selection, save images and bookmark websites are just a few of the tools provided by Shelfster.

Shelfster, Online Document Creator Rich in Features


The information collected can be then organized and additional features allows even audio recording and also, lets the user add annotations and tags for future reference. In addition to creating a wide pool of information in various formats, the user can create documents with easy to use tools and intuitive actions. Basically, it is just a matter of drag and drop and all the information is put in its place into the new project. For the full list of features, head over to their dedicated page.

The interface has a “floating items” feature that allows the user to open multiple items at once, select the most significant fragment, and then insert the desired data into the project with the dedicated button. When the project is finished, there are many options at the user’s fingertips to share it. The project can be:

  • shared via email
  • printed
  • exported to PDF
  • sent to Google Docs
  • compressed into a ZIP file

Manage Documents, Keep Track of Projects With Shelfster

The platform is available for desktops (both Windows and Mac OS), browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and smartphones (iPhone and Flavius-Saracut-199x300Android) and even iPad. The app is free in iTunes and Android Market. While using Shelfster on your preferred device, it is advisable to sign-up for an online account that would allow you to store projects, items or documents. The platform is still in beta stage but the developers have big plans for their hot new platform so they advise us to stay tuned for news and need the users’ feedback on their work.

We managed to get in touch with Flavius Saracut, the Co-founder of Shelfster and here is what he had to say:

“Shelfster is a free tool but we’re planning in 6 months or so to launch also a premium account with special functions. Also, in the upcoming weekes, we’ll be launching an update version for iPhone. Some view Shelfster as an alternative to Evernote or Google Docs but what makes us different is the fact that we are focused towards having a centralized document manager where you gather information and to make document management very easy.”

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