For users who think that Windows Search is too fuzzy and unsatisfactory, there is an easier solution: Instant File Search Professional. Introduced as a simple local search engine capable to track files according to:

  • name
  • size
  • extension
  • creation
  • modification date

the program is quite modest in sizes with only 618KB executable. Moreover, the program doesn’t eat the computer resources and that should be a big plus over Windows Search.

Find The Exact File Name With Instant File Searcher

The program takes an old-fashion approach to searches with a large panel that allows the user to employ multiple filters in order to help him or her find the desired file. The user can choose between similar or exact matches, which is a nice twist, particulary for people who have a fuzzy memory. Although the panel might look too complex at a first glimpse, the intuitive interface is easy to decipher. Other good news is that the software is safe and virus-free. At least, so far.

There are also a few shortcoming to the this software. Despite its name, the Instant File Search Professional is not as fast as one might have expected. The search results take their time before loading, but that’s because the executable searches the entire file system every time. Browsing for almost 100GB of files could leave you waiting for 10 to 20 seconds, but, at least, it will deliver the exact title, if that will be the case. And, if you are my type, then you will leave the search to go on in the background while you will mind your own business.

However, the lazy loading is also depending on the device and can not be solely attributed to the software. Other problem, more serious, is related to the fact that the program does not allow content or metadata searches, only the file name. So, this Windows search alternative will prove useful for those that remember at least something from their lost file. Josh Cell Software Technology developed the program. Michael Oliveira who has many intriguing projects currently in the works, founded this Brazilian company.

[via BetaNews]

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