Apple has always managed to generate a great deal of buzz before the launch of its products. With its recent successes, Samsung has able to do something similar – hell lots of rumors, expectations and buzz with its upcoming Galaxy S3 smartphone.


A Samsung fan site from Germany has managed to get its hands on an internal document of a popular PR agency, Weber Shandwick, showing the huge (and yet slim) Samsung Galaxy S3 for the first time ever. Weber Shandwick is rumored to hold a Unpacked event in London on May 22nd, from 6pm to 7pm, as you can see on the homescreen of the new flagship device.

Fake or real?

The image can still be fake, as we still don’t have official confirmation or concrete information about either the looks of Galaxy S3 or the Unpacked event at London. But Samsung specific blogs like Sammobile, believes the picture to be true, specially considering that May 22nd is the approximate date that the London Olympic Torch Relay starts – of which Samsung are a major sponsor.

Earlier, there were some reports of Samsung launching the Galaxy S3 in April, which was immediately rubbished by the company. But the new date looks much more believable, as it gives enough time for Samsung to prepare for the launch and a global stage like Olympics to promote its next flagship device.

Closer Look at Samsung Galaxy S3


To start off, the bezel looks really small and the phone looks extremely thin. More importantly, we can see a shutter-button for the camera on the right, with Loudspeakers on front, above and below the display. A hardware button is still present below the display and the representations on the screen suggests that there will be no ICS-touch keys. Let’s see if Samsung acknowledges the authenticity of this leak or rejects it outright.

More Confirmations Proving Pictures to be Real

The problem with device leaks, overall, is that a consensus can’t be reached. Were the Samsung Galaxy SIII pictures a real deal or not? Recent analysis seems to point towards the hypothesis of validity. For one thing, the speakers can be now found on the side bezel (in the above pictures), a consistent move that follows the path set by Samsung last year with the launch of the Galaxy note 10.1.

A Reddit user has posted a new shadowy picture of a device it claims to be the upcoming Galaxy S III that will be coming with a 4.5 inch display, almost bezel-free, a ceramic backplate and two starting themes to choose from: Vanilla and TouchWiz. The rumored internal power will be provided by a quad-core Exynos 4412 SoC, Super AMOLED Plus HD screen, 12-megapixel camera, 2,250mAh battery and will be 8 mm thick.

PocketNow suggests, however, that the leaked design is very similar to Galaxy S WiFI 4.2. If you ask me, it would be a dumb move for Samsung to do that and the first leaked pictures reveal a much more interesting and appealing design. After all, the leaked picture comes from a friend of a Reddit users who’s working for Samsung… A very ingenious Reddit commenter sheds some light and reveals that the so-called leak is nothing more but a picture taken of a monitor that was displaying a photoshopped smartphone picture. That would explain the flash on the screen, as well. Phew, thank God that’s not a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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