The new iPad has finally made it to the shelves in stores across the first wave of countries. But the excitement didn’t last long, of course, as expected. Something went wrong and now the news is making waves across the Internet.  So, what is wrong with the new baby? Apparently, it sweats too much! The new iPad seems to have some issues with the battery, as enough users already complained about overheating.


The New iPad Experiencing Overheating Issues

The problems seem to arise after the device has been used for about half an hour or so. Things get even messier if the users try to connect to the Internet via a cellular connection. The new iPad just inexplicably overheats! The Internet has now become full of people complaining about how their iPad is like a time bomb – eventually it will blow up. Believe it or not, a fresh new iPad owner has posted a photo on Facebook (the picture from above) showing his cracked gadget and saying that he didn’t even drop it! Was that because of the overheating issues?

User “homeboy” screaming out his anguish in the Macrumors forum claims that his new iPad needs a refrigerator.  “Bwrairen” goes even further and claims:

“The new iPad is a Microwave, and your hands are the meal! Remember this is the same company that put the antenna where you could touch it and interfere with the signal. I am sure customer safety is right up there with worker safety.”

Even more alarming, there have been reports even from 2 years ago by TheNextWeb that some users experienced a forced shut down, after which they receive the following message “the iPad needs to cool down”.  Obviously, this is a very frustrating issues and Apple aren’t the single company to experience it; there are also enough issues with Android smartphones or tablets overheating.

Is Too Much For the New iPad?


These issues might be due to the fact that Apple has crammed a lot of stuff under the hood of the third generation iPad. Consider the:

  • new, bigger battery which works in concert with the 4G LTE components
  • high-resolution Retina Display
  • chubby dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics

Above all, there are no moving parts or fan to help dissipate the heat, so it’s no wonder there’s a little discomfort involved. Maybe, the new iPad has overheating issues caused by the iOS 5.1 update, but that’s just a wild guess, since the iOS update was blamed for draining out the battery and not for overheating.

If you are experiencing such issues, you should just unplug your device for a while and just wait until it gets cooler. That’s no consolation for most and rather a primeval advice. For those that are skeptical, maybe you should stick with your iPad 2 or get one, if you think the balance doesn’t turn too much in new iPad’s favor. We will update the story as we will get more news.

The New iPad, by 19% Hotter Than iPad 2

It looks like people flipping out about heating issues on the new iPad weren’t exactly folk tales. Dutch website wanted to put the hypothesis to the test. So, it did that with the help of an infrared camera. While GLBenchmark was running, they measured its temperature then compared to the temperature the iPad 2 reached. So what did they find? It turns out that pop culture was right, after all. Let’s see if the light bleeding on the new iPad will get more confirmation anytime soon.

The new iPad scored 33.6 degrees Celcius/92.5 Fahrenheit while the iPad 2 reached 28.3 degrees Celsius/82.9 Fahrenheit. This registers as an 18.7% increase. The hottest spot was found to be the part where the processor is located. Well, now that we know the exact details, we won’t be inclined to believe the reports that the new device melted somebody’s hands off.

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