If you are an Android tablet owner, you probably are acquainted pretty well with this frustration, the process of shopping for an app in the Android Market is painstakingly difficult. Why? Because you have no way of telling which of the apps are tablet-optimized or not. But, lucky for you, a solution has been found. It is called Tablified Market and once you install it on your precious device you only get to see the tablet optimized apps. Talk about lucid dreaming.


Tablified Market Brings Only Apps That Work on Your Android Tablet

The only caveat with this app consists of the fact that it is only available for 10” tablets and the 7” ones are once again left out. Is this part of Google’s strategy and 7” tablet users just don’t count? Suspicious, if we are to consider that Google could partner with Asus for their Nexus tabletTablified Market has been described as one of the largest and important databases for your day to day Android apps and games.

Stop searching aimlessly and blindly trying out apps with no actual clues if they would be working or not on your Android tablet. Now you can discover the software designed especially for your tablet. To get around is pretty easy. The app lets you search by keyword or browse by category. There’s the popular lists like Editor’s Choice to go through as well, for inspirational ideas.

The products are presented featuring a description, screenshots and user comments plus a download link via Google Play. Users that have tried Tablified Market seem very happy with their choice as the average rating of the app is 4.8. Users have to choose between the Pro and Lite version of the app. The Pro version doesn’t support ads and will help the company in their future endeavors to perfect the software. Another difference from the Pro version is that the Lite version does not support the advanced filtering options. Get the Pro version for only $1.99.

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