As smartphones develop into more and more sophisticated machinery, the issues affecting them might increase exponentially, as well. Therefore, the average user cannot hope to get at the bottom of things by himself when he experiences a problem.  So what option does he have left? Not too many, if he wants his device back as soon as possible.


HTC Using LogMeIn Rescue to Remotely Fix Your Smartphone

That’s why HTC has recently partnered up with LogMeIn Rescue. The two hope to perfect the customer support strategies by allowing their employees to configure, diagnose and troubleshoot any issues may arise when the client has a technical issue. Thus, HTC users all over the world will be able to receive specialized help in a matter of minutes, right from their living rooms. That sounds awesome.

In the near future, HTC will add a consumer-enabled LogMeIn Rescue applet in all of its products. Once installed, HTC technicians can perform diagnostics, work on configuration options and, overall, manage the client’s device in order to quickly and securely solve the issue. For those worrying about the privacy breach this technique might bring about, HTC swears that employees are only authorized to get into your phone with your express permission, so you don’t need to panic.

One More Reason to Get a HTC Smartphone?

The service will be provided by HTC, free of charge and available for all phones. There’s one question mark, however. HTC says that the LogMeIn Rescue applet present on future HTC Android devices will be added with the mobile’s operator consent. Does this mean that the carrier has the final say in whether or not costumers will get to benefit from the LogMeIn applet? Because that might be a little confusing for users in the end.

LogMeIn is a platform that can be found within 150 million of devices around the world, including PCs, Macs and smartphones. The software is web-based and provides the means to remotely configure devices and perform diagnostic plus a live chat bonus. This is obviously a big step forward for HTC and proves that the company thinks about their clients until the end and cares about their comfort.

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