Are you an iPhone user while your best friend uses Android? That sort of situation might be frustrating, especially if both you guys are into playing games and you enjoy playing them together. But when you will hear about this new software, you’ll see that things are going to change. The technology we are talking about is called InstaMultiplay (brought to you by PlayPhone), basically, a cross-platform multiplayer API designed to facilitate the link between iOS and Android users.


InstaMultiplay Delivers Android-iOS Multiplayer Gaming

InstaMultiplay is now a part of the company’s Social Gaming Network SDK and is available for developers who are interested in building multiplayer options into their games. No additional support will be needed in order for them to do so. Plus, PlayPhone takes the edge off worrying about you getting your game on your own servers.  When players will start the game they will be immediately rotted to PlayPhone’s servers. Support for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • Adobe Air
  • Unity 
  • Windows Phone 7 (in the near future)

Chief executive of PlayPhone, Roy Czerny claimed that the system will function with delays of just meager 250 milliseconds over 3G and 4G networks, thus transforming the multiplayer gaming on-the-go dream into a certain reality. He also added that the development of InstaMultiplay is a big plus for their engineering team. The group working on the project was trying to alleviate the financial and strategic load on developers on having to involve their own server quarters in order to manage multiplayer gaming. Which, let’s face it, is a total drag!

For normal users, well, they can connect with a random opponent or to robots managed by computers.  They can invite friends to play via Facebook or email. Or, they can just hang around in the game lobby waiting for somebody to challenge them. PlayPhone is a mobile content provider company based in San Jose, California. Its business consists in the distribution of mobile games, ringtones, wallpapers, videos and personalized content for mobile devices.

[via VentureBeat] photo credit: mobilissimo

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