Getting annoying calls in the middle of the night? Got a stalker? Somebody keeps ringing you in the attempt to try and persuade you to buy the latest accessories to solve your back pain issues? Well, we all get them. What if we could tell you that there’s a way to forget about them for good? We previously shared with you enough services to block unwanted calls, but we couldn’t let go YouMail‘s latest feature to pass uncovered.


Get Rid of Unwanted Calls, For Good, With YouMail

YouMail now makes possible a permanent blocking of an unwanted caller. Some services made that possible for a few days, but then, the stalker seemed to get away after and resume his calling frenzy. YouMail assures us that they block unwanted calls for ever! What’s great about YouMail is that it works for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, too! Meet the new YouMail app – a simple and comfortable solution to blocking unwanted calls permanently, with just one tap.

The feature is compatible with Android’s YouMail Visual VoiceMail Plus or with WhoAreYou app. The same goes for iPhone or BlackBerry. Once a caller is blocked, his number will disappear entirely from your agenda. Furthermore, they will not be able to ring you up or leave a message. The most important aspect is that when they try to do so, they will hear the following message: “Number out of service”. The app is supported by the Federal Communications Commission itself who agreed to stricter regulations against robocalls.

When users get a call they will see a po-pup showcasing an image – maybe a Facebook photo or a logo plus the “Ditch” button. If the button is activated, the incoming unwanted call will be escorted silently to voicemail without the phone making a sound. Not sure which number should be blocked? Don’t worry, YouMail will help you with that part, as well. Thanks to its increasingly growing and active community of users, it has assembled a very long list of numbers belonging to spammers and other unwanted callers.


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