As anticipated, the new iPad problems are growing in numbers. First we had the overheating issues, then the backlight bleeds and now another inconvenience has stepped forward to play with the nerves of brand new iPad owners. This time, it’s the wireless reception. What’s wrong with it? Well, according to the drama spread all over the forums, wireless reception is pretty weak when compared with previous models of the tablet.


The New iPad, Having Wi-Fi Troubles?

Topics about this issue are piling on top of each other and negative vibes are reaching maximum capacity. User “stlsteve” on the official Apple forums claims he is in a hotel and carrying along his laptop and new tablet. His laptop reception is fine and strong but the iPad only gets a hold of a weak signal. “Grubbii” is expressing his concerns as well, but through his mymipad 1 because his new iPad sitting right besides could not pick up the signal.

People are getting frustrated. “Stlsteve” goes on to say that the got his new iPad off Best Buy for his honeymoon. He was looking forward to using it every morning in a lounge chair by the pool. Instead, he ended up being very frustrated with the device and voicing his anger on the forums thanks to his chubby laptop. He ends his post by saying that the pad will go back to Best Buy when he goes back home. And he’s not the only customer who thinks that way. Should you stick to your iPad 2?

Users Reporting Poor Wi-Fi Connection on The New iPad


Some of the people posting in these forums have made attempts to resolve the problems by reaching out to employees at the Apple Store. Some users claimed they preferred to go back to the iPad 2 after experiencing the annoying Wi-Fi issues. It feels like déjà-vu again.

Back in 2010 when the first pad was launched, users again experienced weak Wi-Fi connectivity, an unsteady signal and other network difficulties. The problems were fixed eventually thanks to an update, which will probably be the case for now. Some pundits are already giving out advices on how can you fix your poor Wi-Fi reception on your new iPad.

We are not the single ones to report about this, even if we were quick enough to spot the issue. AppleInsider seems to talk about the same Wi-Fi issues on the new iPad, as well. If, in the case of overheating, we can view it as a normal process since there’s much more under the hood, what has Apple to say about Wi-Fi issues in the new iPad? At the moment of writing, that specific forum thread has 5, 000 views. Could the Wi-Fi issues be caused by the recent ability of the iPad to work as hotspot? Let’s wait and see, Apple fans.

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