The app market has expanded exponentially in the last few years and this is why it does not matter whether you are the proud owner of your first tablet or you have handled others in past, a good app filter is always handy if you want to get your hands on the best there is. If you own an Android tablet, then Tablified Market is the application that will sort apps suitable for your tablet.


AppStart Finds Apps For Your New iPad

What happens if you’re the proud owner of the new iPad and you want to test the Retina Display on it? How will you find the suitable apps? That’s where AppStart comes in. Albeit you are not allowed to search the Apple Store on yourself, it’s still a neat application that delivers the best apps for your new iPad there are. With this purpose the guys over at AppAdvice released a wonderful tool for selecting apps from the immense sea of possibilities out there.

It is called AppStart for iPad (the 2012 Edition) and is an app optimized for the high-resolution wonderful Retina display. The interface looks very friendly and is structured to look like a mix between a newspaper, a magazine and a scrapbook which indicates from the start the amount of information you will be receiving by using this particular app. All you need to do in order to start discovering brand new apps is start scrolling down through the pages.

Starting Manual For New iPad Owners


Users will find countless lists of all sorts of app, which include the description of the software in question and different reasons why they made to the list. If you decide you want to get an app, just tap on the price logo and AppStart will redirect you to the App Store. For the newcomers to the iPad world, AppStart also provides guides on getting started with your pad or how to use iCloud. Once you get a hand on things you might want to go looking for the best cooking apps there are.

The app comes free for the iPad but costs $0.99 if you want it on your iPhone. There’s also the AppAdvice daily app version which comes at $1.99 and the free AppsGoneFree coming from the same company. AppStart is the easy and fun way to discover whatever your tablet has to offer without downloading unnecessary and dead-end programs that leave you with a bitter taste. Shop smart from now on!

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