I’ll start off by explaining what DLNA actually is and what do you need to know about it. DLNA stands for “Digital Living Network Alliance” which is a group of organisations, including many consumer electronic manufacturers, that has created the standard enabling all DLNA devices to share media over a home network.

From its creation, in 2003, DLNA has grown in popularity and now has more than 250 members that work constantly to insure interconnectability between products. Their goal is to unite all of your multimedia gadgets and to make them work together regardless of the restrictions they have (like manufacturer for example).

To understand how DLNA works, you have to imagine that your computer running Windows 7 is a server that streams a video to your TV, which is a client, or recipient. The TV can be from any manufacturer and can play any type of media file, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab streaming to a DLNA compatible TV, or the Apple iPad streaming to any Apple system.

Top 10 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

This is a system working with DLNA. Although Apple has, to some degree, DLNA enabled products, they are limited. Apple products stream to other products. This is the limitation we are trying to bypass. To do this, we result to a host of apps that allow you to stream from your iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone) to any other DLNA compatible device.

10. SmartStor Fusion

SmartStor - DLNA streaming app

Stream audio files, videos and music. All the media files you have on your iPhone with this DLNA streaming app. The app’s interface is easy to use and it streams really nice. The only problem I could find was that it sometimes crashes. But apart from that, you will be pleased with it.

9. Media:connect

media:connect - DLNA streaming app

A host of file types you can stream, including SHOUTcast radio, High Definition video and FLAC audio. All with Media:Connect, a free app available in the iTunes Store for anyone who wants to stream to any DLNA enabled device. It has basic settings and is user-friendly, can be used by anyone from n00bs to geeks.

8. AirPlayer

AirPlayer - DLNA streaming app

This DLNA streaming app for iPhone can run just about any file type you can think of. And it does it pretty good. The only drawback is the fact that it does it in standard definition (not in HD). But if you can live with that, then you’ve got yourself a great DLNA streaming app. A HD version could be in works, so stay tuned.

7. MLPlayer

MLPlayer - DLNA streaming app

MLPlayer is better off as an audio DLNA because it can stream a host of audio formats. As for video, it does have support for H264 HQ video, but that’s about it. It streams with fairly good quality, both video and audio. It can also stream still images. Pitty, if they had support for more formats, it would have been a more complete app.

6. BUZZ Player

BUZZ Player - DLNA streaming app

Reading about this DLNA streaming app bored me to hell. Really, it can play so many file formats on just about any type of network that was bored to death just seeing how cool it is. It plays with high fidelity HD video and great audio. I highly recommend this app if you are interested in a good DLNA streaming app.

5. 8player

8player - DLNA streaming app

Just take a look at this impressive list of supported types:

  • Video: mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, avi, mkv, mpg, wmv, asf, flv, ogg, vob
  • Audio: mp3, aac, wav, aif, alac, flac, wma
  • Images: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, ico, tiff
These file formats are are all compatible with 8player and can be streamed to any DLNA compatible device. just like BUZZ Player, this DLNA streaming app can run just about any type of file with no problems.

4. DiXiM DMC

DiXiM DMC  - DLNA streaming app

If you want to stream MPEG-4 format with high quality and great stability, then DiXim DMC is the player for you. It does the job great and it can also stream audio and still images. All you could ever need from a DLNA streaming app!

3. ConnectR

ConnectR  - DLNA streaming app

An aspect missed by many DLNA streaming apps is radio. And if you are a fan of radio, than ConnectR is a dream come true. It has a host of features and cam stream to any DLNA enabled device over 10000 internet radio stations.

2. Onkyo Remote

Onkyo - DLNA streaming app

Music streaming and remote control for your A/V station, all in one. The best way to make more use of your iPhone if you are the lazy type. The app contains lots of features that let you control your A/V station from the coziness of your couch.

1. PlugPlayer

PlugPlayer - DLNA streaming app

This app is all about streaming to anything with DLNA. It can even stream to another iDevice directly from the iCloud. If you are interested in getting a stable DLNA streaming app, I highly recommend PlugPlayer.

These apps will let you stream media files from your Apple products pretty good. My only hope is that Apple will consider making their products more compatible with other devices from different manufacturers. After all, the last time they tried something like that, and here I’m talking about the decision to let Apple products run on Windows computers and not just Macs, it really worked out for them. Maybe in the future they will try doing that again.


I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.


  • Panev

    Hi Ionut,

    Have you heard about iMediaShare?

    • Nedelcu Ionut

      A good app with lots of features. But it has some compatibility and stability issues. It looks promising, but we’ll have to wait for a more stable version.

  • Norway

    With which of these can i ekspect to streem live recordes sound – and witch have the best quality and leasty latensy? Anyone knows?

  • Johnny

    I’d add ArkMC https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arkmc/id405487397?mt=8
    Been using it for year, works great with WD Book Live and playback all formats

    • http://www.facebook.com/junior.yong.14 Junior Yong

      I like the interface and wide file formats support of this app.

    • SergiuMO

      Do you have to wait for conversion (like iMediaShare) before streaming videos?
      Imediashare does convert into a really low quality video before you can stream.

      So no on-the-fly conversion + low quality :(

      • Tank1978

        No, it streams without any delays for conversion unlike iMediaShare. ArkMC even can stream movies from local iTunes to my Samsung TV.

        • SergiuMO

          Thanks! Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the trial version (ArkMC Lite).
          I’ve tried mp4s, photo (jpg), music (mp3).. but on the Samsung SmartTV I got “Not support File Format”

    • Cornan

      My Sony STR-DA3600ES receiver can’t play iPhone 5 .mp3 files – and there appear to be no Settings for ArkMC (e.g. transcoding)

  • http://www.facebook.com/alain.genin.397 Alain Genin

    As you said that Buzz player was a good tool i bought it ….it didn’t work, i’m unable to reach my local (iphone) network ! It didn’t found my tv samsung ……
    So help me to configure it

  • Sara

    Loving Buzz player for streaming FLAC files from my Mac (goodbye iTunes, which I hate). Important to have the right file sharing options set up on your base computer – on a Mac you can go to system prefs and turn on file sharing, add your music folders and under ‘options’ select either SMB or ftp. SMB sharing works great for me. You just log in through Buzz form your iPod/iPad and away you go. Windows sharing should be similar. By far the easiest, most controllable streaming solution I’ve found. A delight.

  • SergiuMO

    Is there any player that can stream captured videos (.mov) and mp4 videos without converting first?

    I like how Samsung Android smartphones stream directly to DLNA without waiting for conversion (and loosing quality). Or at least something that converts on the fly without lowering the quality ..

  • JazJon

    I tried over 30 DLNA iPhone apps before finding one that at least supports DMR (Digital Media Renderer) & partially works with my WiFi Camera.

    The App is: MediaConnect
    (it’s the ONLY one that at least shows up and works with the first photo I take)

    Here’s the support email I just sent personasoftware:

    When I setup a new Play to TV connection on my Panasonic DMC-ZS30 WiFi connection, I see media:connect, and my camera connects. Unfortunately, it will only play the first photo my camera takes, and then stops working after that. I’ll see animation on my iPhone after the second photo is taken like it’s trying to slide over, but the same first photo remains. After that the DMC-ZS30 says FAILED and disconnects.

    My DMX-ZS30 plays photos to my XBOX 360 just fine. Each photo I take progresses to the latest photo on the screen as it should. (so the camera is working fine on the same network)

    Is this something you guys can troubleshoot? I’m willing to work with you guys and send any diagnostic info you might need. The fact that it works pefect via XBOX 360, and partially works via your app means it’s very close to working I think! (if you fix what’s wrong)

    My goal is to have real time photosI take with my DMC-ZS30 pop up on my iPhone as I take photos. (so I can then use AirPlay to mirror my screen to an AppleTV) This iusing the camera’s WiFi: Playback on TV function on my Lumix.

    Thanks! ~Jon (see attached logs)

  • Jlou

    Do any of these apps provide video out via the iPhone A/V cable? I am streaming content to my phone via dnla from my computer, but when I then use the iPhone av cable to connect to my tv nothing happens. I seem to only be able to show videos from my phone in the native iPhone default video plater. Very frustrating…

  • a5thgradersmarterthanyou

    “it streams really nice” “crashes sometimes”
    “stream media from your Apple products pretty good”

    Sounds like you only did “pretty good” in english class too. Cringeworthy grammar and poor spelling throughout.

    And no mention of iMediashare? It’s the only app I can find that will stream all my iTunes Match files from an iOS device to my Xbox One without any issues.

    It’s too bad that there isn’t a high school diploma prerequisite to have a blog.

    • Kornholio420

      English is capitalized, since you want to be a douche bag.

    • Neil Hopkins


      “The free content you provided isn’t up to my high standards. Seeing as how I contribute nothing and many others could possibly benefits from the information here, I feel it is my duty to be a complete dick about perceived grammar issues.”

      You win the award for “Biggest Douche on Internet” today. Way to be a complete A-hole for zero reasons.

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