Remember Romo, the robot controlled by a smartphone? Well, that KickStarter project just got itself a baby brother. One of very interesting capabilities. It is called Galileo and it has been released by Motrr, a company known for its innovative work on camera tripods. Galileo is a visionary robo-iPhone that is controlled via iOS with an impressive moving maneuvers portfolio.


360 Degrees iPhone Movements Thanks to Galileo

To control it, users only need to swipe a few gestures across the screen on their iPad or other iOS device. Galileo will immediately pick up the signal and relay it to the other device connected, an iPhone or whatever. So, what might be the areas you could use Galileo, you might be wondering. Well, plenty, but if you are short on ideas, we have a couple for you. Thanks to its 360 degrees pan-and-tilt capabilities and 200 degrees per second speed in any orientation, Galileo can successfully be used as a tool in video calls and conferences.

The technology will enable user to keep in touch and follow the action at the same time. Afraid you will miss your baby’s first steps?  Not with Galileo around. Apply that to baby monitoring, as well. How about if you cannot make it to a class because you have to work? No problem, have a colleague install Galileo in the lecture hall and the robot can follow the professor across the classroom (if he agrees to it, that is) and even zoom in people who are asking questions.

The Robotic Arm That Rotates Your iPhone


The most obvious uses of Galileo are applied into the field of photography and cinematography, of course. If you are one of those people who love being creative and shooting and photographing every interesting detail you stumble upon, you will love Galileo and its 360 degrees spherical virtual tours. With Galileo, users have the ability to remotely control Galileo with the help of any of their iDevices or via their web browser.

My motivation originally was to make it easier for me to have video chats with my son when I was away on business. The lack of control and visibility when you are talking to someone far away makes you feel even farther away and was just so frustrating; Galileo solves that problem.

said Motrr designer Josh Guyot.

There’s also the option of integrating the Galileo capabilities into existing apps or even to go on and design something completely new thanks to the brand new possibilities offered by Galileo. And good news, with Galileo you get a wonderful charging station for your iPhone or iPod. It also enjoys a neat rechargeable lithium polymer battery that enables you to take Galileo everywhere you go. I strongly recommend you to see the video on the Kickstarter page.

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