You’ve seen them flying around at concerts and maybe when you went out of the city for a picnic. They pop out everywhere more and more often. We’re talking about quadcopters, of course. They represent a machine with four rotors, much like a helicopter that is capable of hovering and can be maneuvered with incredible precision and accuracy by smartphones. We also call them drones and recently, Barack Obama said it’s ok to play with them.


Quadcopters Being Used to Deliver Tacos

But some of these quadcopters have been appointed more important missions than taking pictures or filming an environment. Imagine how difficult it is to get to some places, especially in developing countries, which are cut off from the world and are inaccessible due to lack of available roads. So, some were designed to carry and drop off medical supplies, which are crucial to the survival of people living in such areas.

Not all quadcopters have such serious jobs. Some have more mundane jobs. Like keeping people with a taste for fast food happy. There are rumors spreading around the Internet claiming the existence of a wondrous TacoCopter. Imagine you are home at night, watching a movie and you get a sudden urge for a Taco. All you need to get one is your smartphone. You don’t even need to give an address because your phone has GPS. Just choose your filling and wait for the TacoCopter to drop your order.

Joke or Ingenious Business?


Details about how this system might actually work aren’t available yet, but we can guess. Probably the order will be boxed up and tied to the flying device somehow. But where will it drop the order? On your porch, on your lawn, on your balcony?  What about people to take advantage of what the copter are transporting? Also, does a TacoCopter need a flying license and how high up should be allowed to go up into the air? There are plenty of details to think about here.

If you search for the TacoCopter online, the only viable hits you get are related to private business located in San Francisco Bay Area.  Even if most certainly this is a joke service, we would really like to try it if the ordering system does prove to be a reality. If it turns out to be real, then our world could look much more different with drones flying around.

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