Let’s face it; in the world of today, most of us spent at least a couple of hours on the Internet. If we do not work with computers, we do it to check our email, Facebook or other pages we might hold in the social media vortex, read articles (like this one) or maybe research interests. But how many times did your repeated web surfing frenzies cause your eyes to strain causing pain and discomfort in the ocular region?


EyeLeo Helps You Take Computer Breaks

For those who most work with computers and spend up to eight hours a day with their eyes pinned to the monitor, the problem is even more important. You really should protect your eyes when using a computer, and I am not kidding about this. The ideal scenario would be that you take longer breaks every hour or so, or do some eye exercises in order to keep your eyes safe and functioning.

How many times have you said to yourself: “I am going to get up now and go walk around the house for a while” but didn’t because the game you installed was so very entertaining. Lucky for you, Internet users, somebody has thought of your ocular problems and seeks to help you out. Meet EyeLeo, a nice little program that once installed on your device will make sure you take your eye breaks by applying a few intelligent tricks.

The EyeLeo official website claims that asthenopia (i.e. eye strain) has become a real problem for people using the computer all day long. It is caused due to the inability to perpetuate a decent number of blinks while your gaze is focused on the monitor, they say. But EyeLeo comes to the rescue providing avid users with break reminders, while controlling the computer in such a way that users can not access it during the break time.

Protect Your Health, Get Rid of Technology With EyeLeo


EyeLeo features a cute, fun and easy to use interface, whose host is, of course, a funny looking leopard avatar. What are your options? Well you can set an interval for when to take a break – e.g. every 30 or 40 or 60 minutes. You can also set how long the break can last. These are the so called long breaks. You have the option of choosing short breaks, as well, which come with a 10-second eye exercise bonus that have been proven to improve eye health. When a break is upon you, you get a notification so that you can pause your work.

The eye exercises EyeLeo proposes are fun and diverse. There’s:

  • Roll your eye
  • Close your eyes tightly
  • Move eyes up and down

We bet you didn’t know those are eye relaxation techniques. The long breaks, on the other hand, are mandatory once you set them. The screen also dims so you are forced to stop doing whatever you are doing and go off somewhere and relax a little bit. EyeLeo might be cute but he doesn’t like to compromise when your health and well-being is involved. The EyeLeo application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8 and also works with the 32-bit versions and the 64-bit versions.

Download EyeLeo

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