Ever noticed that Facebook and Google fail miserably when it comes to searching people? Regardless of the fact you have the full name, if you don’t have common people in your list, Facebook will not be able to match you with the desired person. So, how are you supposed to make new friends, then? Or find the lost ones? That doesn’t seem not one of the concerns of the social giants. Well, by going with such a strategy, Facebook and Google left a little open spot. And Ark is what is going to fill in that spot.


Ark, The Search Engine That Finds People

What Ark basically does is provide you with the tools to search different social networks among which we find:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • Orkut
  • Myspace

by employing some powerful search filters that are obsolete in the other camps. You might be curious to find out what filters we are talking about. There’s plenty to search from. Choose from city of residence, employers, education, gender, relationship status, sexual preference, loved music, loved movies and the list goes on.

Users who end up synchronizing the filters perfectly might end up discovering old colleagues from past jobs, ex-classmates, new business contacts, new friends who share different interests and why not, even their next big crush. Ark manages to achieve this by spying on people’s public information, therefore private profiles will not be taken into account.

Will It Best Google at Finding People?

Founders Partick Riley and Yiming Liu summarized their vision for the website by using the following words:

“We imagined what would Google and Facebook build together if they weren’t at war. Someone needed to be Switzerland and build a search engine on top of all the social networks that’s completely remodeled for people looking for each other.”

The concept sounds interesting, but trying to create an account might prove difficult. When wanting to sign-up, the site request that you have an invite. So basically, you need to know somebody with an Ark account in order to be getting yours. It seems that they are still in bet. Or you could try go begging for one on the Facebook Ark page, like a lot of people seem to be doing. This looks a little bit suspicious but let’s hope it’s something temporary, because the idea itself really has potential.

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