There is no doubt that Apple is the top media player manufacturer in the world. Their iPods have inspired generations of music lovers and their players have reached every corner of the world. The iPod is known for its superb quality, both in build as well as in music. If you ever had an iPod, then you can testify of the quality it has.

The headphones that Apple has included in their iPhone package are very well built and offer great music fidelity, and, of course, it sends a message about yourself, that you like to listen to quality music. But as well all know, anything can be made better, and now in the spotlight are some more iPhone headphones that we hope you will like. As good as they are, there will always be some that are better. And Apple has a list of compatible headphones you can try, and some of them are really good, as well.

Top 20 iPhone Headphones

It’s important to know just what type of iPhone headphones you need. You can choose from 3 types:

  • Sports Headphones – They offer the best stability, keeping to your ears even when running and exercising.
  • Comfort Headphones – Although they will probably won’t stay on when you make a run for the bus, they will offer you the best comfort and you will be able to stay focused through intense sessions of music listening.
  • Earbuds – My least favorite, but still, they offer the best noise cancellation, both ways. You won’t hear anything from outside, and no one will hear what you are listening to.

Top 5 iPhone Sports Headphones

5. ME Electronics M6P


I must admit, it’s the first time I see such a system implemented in iPhone headphones. The cord of the headphones acts as the holding system. It has a tough plastic outer layer that can be bent over the ear and it retains the shape. The sound quality is great and it allows users to enjoy their favorite music with crisp sound without the need of cracking up the volume.

Price – $34.99

4. JF3 Freedom Bluetooth


The JF3 Freedom iPhone headphones offer users an unparalleled level of freedom, eliminating cables running around and making the wearer uncomfortable. They connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your mp3 player or iPhone and let you enjoy your workout without any hustle. The package contains a stylish case for easy transport and an extra set of earmuffs to better suit your needs.

Price – $99.00

3. Plantronics BackBeat 903


It seems the guys over at Plantronics really hate cables hanging off them, and that is visible in the design of the BackBeat 903+ headphones. These wireless headphones connect to your iPhone and give you outstanding audio quality and the possibility to take calls via the integrated microphone. So now, no excuses when you go jogging and you answer your phone and take a break.

Price – $111.00

2. Polk UltraFit 3000


The Polk UltraFit 3000 Headphones offer one of best noise reduction possible and a great sound quality for athletes and music lovers to enjoy. They were created with comfort and durability in mind and this aspect is obvious when you first look at them. But the great sound quality they offer is the most important aspect of all. In addition, they offer a host of accessories, including earbuds and cable extensions, to maximize the customization properties and make the headphones suit a larger number of users.

Price – $74.59

1. Koss PortaPro Headphones


Lifetime warranty no matter what! They got from there, but if you are not impressed by that, then the over 20 years experience in the sound business, a sound quality that is out of this world and the 80’s retro look will certainly make you love these iPhone headphones. The Koss PortaPro Headphones are great for outdoors, they cancel out noise fairly good and keep your music to yourself, not for anyone around you.

Price – $35.53

Top 10 Comfort iPhone Headphones

10. Shure SRH440


Design and quality are the best words to describe the Shure SRH440 Headphones. The build materials and the quality of the sound is incredible. And with a 105 dB sensitivity, they can definitely rock your world! A perfect merger between style and performance.

Price – $89.00

9. AERIAL7 Royale Headphones


The finest materials came together to craft this piece of art. The Aerial7 Royale headphones feel like they should belong on a queen’s head. The details are gorgeous, the sound quality is amazing and they are very comfortable. A great addition to your iPhone, making it a part of something…well…royal.

Price – $400

8. Sony MDR-XB700 Extra Bass Headphones


Comfort has just gotten a new name: Sony MDR-XB700. With these babies on, you feel like you are flying in a cloud of your favorite music. The sensation is mind boggling. This sensation is achieved by the “king sized ear cushion” that measures a diameter of 4.3″ and a thickness of 2.0″. Also, the premium sound quality is a result of the gold plated connector and the flat cord. Also, they have one of the coolest designs ever for iPhone headphones.

Price – $287

7. Audio-Technica ATH-M50


Audio-Technica ATH-M50 are more studiophones than headphones, so you could imagine just how good is the sound quality. All you have to do is use them once, then you are hooked. They were conceived for comfort and quality, and these two attributes are seen all around these iPhone headphones.

Price – $159.00

6. V-MODA True Blood V-80


All you vampires out there, hear me out! You can now own a pair of headphones made especially for you. V-MODA thought it would be wise to include features that would satisfy any vampire:

  • noise cancellation (knowing that you guys hear from miles away, that could be very disturbing sometimes)
  • shapeshifter shields to customize your headphones according to what you like the most
  • kevlar reinforced cables (we all know you have the strength of 10 men, so they wanted to make something that could resist you) and military-grade construction to resist through the ages.

All a vampire music lover could ever wish for!
Price – $230

5. AKG K702 Headphones


The AKG K702 Headphones have an impressive portfolio. They are packed full of tech to ensure the highest fidelity sound for its users. Varimotion™ two-layer diaphragm and flat-wire voice coils are just a few of the features these headphones have. These iPhone headphones do require an adaptor to be used on the iPhone, because of the 6.3 mm stereo jack plug they are equipped with. But when you think of what they have to offer, that slight inconvenience is meaningless. But look at the design!

Price – $275

4. Beats by Dr. Dre PowerBeats 


Top of the line quality and style. This is what these headphones are all about. They feature top of the line materials and a sound quality that is out of this world! The Beats are one of the best iPhone headphones you could ever find, they feature a great noise cancellation system that lets you enjoy your beats in privacy and ensure that you are not disturbed by outside noise.

Price – $299

3. Sennheiser HD 800


Everyone, please bow your head and rise your hands, we have royalty in the house. And that royalty is Sennheiser HD800. The Sennheiser crew thought they would try and make probably the best headphones in the world, and according to many, they have succeeded. I admire their thinking and way of doing things. Probably, they said they should make some noise cancellation, but instead, they did the opposite: no noise cancellation, but make them sound so loud that you won’t even hear an airplane passing by you. The build quality is amazing, the design is stunning and the sound quality…i’m speechless.

Price – (hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen) $1.500

2. Sennheiser HD595 Dynamic


Sennheiser is a well known name in the sound business. They are well known for their premium quality headphones and excellent acoustic properties of their products. And the HD595 iPhone headphones are no exception. They offer the highest level of sound fidelity and the Sennheiser build quality we are all used to.

Price – $410

1. SteelSeries Siberia Neckband


SteelSeries is known by any respected gamer in the world, they produce quality gaming gear from mice, keyboards to headphones. And the Siberia series is one of the best there is. I particularly like the Siberia Neckband thanks to its amazing sound quality, comfort and great design. These headphones outperform just about any other competitor, but the thing that make them the best is the fact that they work just as well for outdoor music listening but also for indoor gaming.

Price – $89

Top 5 iPhone Earbuds

5. V-MODA True Blood MAKER


Durable Zinc construction and Kevlar reinforced cables…what any vampire would ever want from their headphones, yes? Well, NO! In fact, these little iPhone earbuds have quite a kick! They offer a great quality sound and with the added bonus that they are vampire-ready, they can withstand quite a lot of punishment.

Price – $150

4. V-MODA True Blood REVAMP


The second vampire-grade headphones in our top, the True Blood REVAMP are great earbuds that have the same qualities as their bigger brothers. They come with an entire set of earbuds for better adjustment and the trademark design of the TrueBlood series from V-MODA.

Price – $99.00

3. Sennheiser CX-300


Sennheiser has been on our top quite a lot. And it’s not hard to imagine why. They are the manufacturers of some of the best iPhone earphones in the world. The CX-300 is no exception. These tiny headphones can push out ridiculous amounts of bass, maybe more than any other earbud here. But despite this aspect, even if you are not a fan of big bass, you will find the quality of the sound to be more than great.

Price – $50.00

2. Etymotic HF3 


The gorgeous design of the Etymotic HF3 iPhone earbuds is just the tip of the iceberg. If you look at these headphones, you might think they came out of Star Trek or something similar. They look awkward compared to other headphones, but when you try them out, you will be amazed to see they offer great comfort and the premium sound quality will make you love them even more!

1. Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra Mzx606


Altec Lansing have done it with the Muzx Ultra Mzx606. These iPhone headphones are most likely the best you can find. They deliver excellent sound quality, with crisp mids to highs and deep but clear base. Although the design may not be on their side, they surely make up for it in performance.

Price – $40.00

Of course, if you are happy with your original iPhone headphones, than there is no need to upgrade to these “premium” headphones. I myself, love the iPhone headphones, but for sports and other activities, you might consider them. Each of them have their unique advantages and have something new to bring to the table.

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