Evernote for Android has rapidly become one of the most popular and engaging note taking application there is. And it’s not just for Android only, it can cross-platform quite easily and is always in-sync. Here comes some good news: the team behind the app announced it will roll out a new Android update that will feature enhanced sharing, the ability to take audio notes and new and cooler widgets.


Speech Recognition Comes to Evernote

Yes, you were able to take audio notes before, but it doesn’t mean that the technique for doing so cannot improve. With this update comes a new in-handy option: speech recognition. To launch the feature, just locate the speech bubble who sits in a row of other icons above the keyboard and tap on it. Then, just talk. You will see the text appear in a note as soon as you start speaking. It’s that easy! To make sure nothing is missed, the original recording will be added to the note, thus making it easier to locate a certain audio note at a given time.

There’s only one little caveat – because the feature relies on Google’s text transcription services, you need to be connected to the Internet for it to work. Android 4.0 devices will come pre-packed with speech-to-text recognition, but the feat might not work on all Gingerbread devices. The other new major improvement coming with this update refers to the widgets, as they are offering now a larger set of options. For example, there’s the possibility of adjusting your colors. Choose between the original green or a new darker theme.

There’s even the possibility to choose the exact functions you want your widgets to have. More than that, user get little new widgets that enable the creation of a direct link towards a certain Evernote function from the homescreen. Larger widgets have been added as well for: last viewed last updated, specific notebook tags or saved searches. Evernote also fixed the remaining internal bugs while making the app work in a faster and reliable manner.


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