You are in a brand new relationship. Everything is going great and you can’t seem to get enough of your partner. As it is only natural when intense feelings develop that you would want to be with him/her 24/7. Some of us might be in long distance relationships, which, of course are tougher to handle. But thanks to Pair, now you can be in contact with your loved one every minute of the day, allowing you to share everyday moments and not only.


Create a Timeline Just For The Two of You With Pair

The program is called “Pair” and even if it has been launched just a little short while ago, in just four days it managed to attract the attention of 50,000 users who downloaded it, thus sharing an impressive 1 million messages. Here’s the proof that love still exists in the world! The app is looking to expand its financial horizons as it just received funding from Path’s Dave Morin and SV Angel. The recent funding demonstrates that the massive number of interested parties who used the app are enjoying the idea of  interacting in a private environment.

So far, the app offers a limited set of features and is only available for iPhone. The application reminds us a lot of iMessages but with some extra tweaks added. For starters, the interactions are not limited only to texting, you can also add photos, videos, location and more to your chat. The option of drawing together is also available. This is reminiscent of Yahoo Messenger. Thus, a very fun and cute timeline is created just between you and your sweetheart. Users can also sent “Thumbkisses” and set the important relationship milestone. This might come very in handy for guys, indeed. This is about it for now, but if more funding is going to be gathered more features are going to be added pretty soon.

Pair for iPhone [iTunes Link]

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