As we are traversing turbulent economic times, most of us have considered different methods of saving up money. Maybe selling a few things that one does not need anymore might sound like a good idea. But what price tag should you pin on your precious objects on Craiglist is always a tough dilemma to solve. If you happen to need a new toaster should you buy from Best Buy instead and save up? How about that limited CD edition you’ve wanted to buy for such a long time?


Find The Average Price For Any Product With Priceonomics

Are you getting a good deal for it on eBay? So many questions to answer and so little answers. How can you ever know? It seemed impossible until now. Then this new startup came up with a brilliant idea. Priceonomics is the place where you get an accurate estimate of how much you should pay for let’s say a second generation iPad . If you search for the tablet, the site will return the fair price – which is $300 and the Acceptable Price Range – $188-$412 (a little too good, if you ask me).

You also get a list of the people selling the particular object you looked for. The search can be narrowed down thanks to proximity and price filters. Indeed Pricenomics claims to be the price guide for everything:

“We search and analyze hundreds of millions of listings on the web to build our price guides. We hope you can use these reports to get the most value for the best price. Today, we provide price estimates for used bicycles, televisions, speakers, monitors, turntables, computers, cell phones and much more. Someday soon, we’ll cover just about anything you might want to buy or sell. We’re just getting started.”

priceonomics-fair-price already has over 130 million listings because what it basically does it add-up every listing from selling sites on the Internet and returns the average sum for every product. Now, thanks to this ingenious startup you can always feel confident that you are not being scammed over the Internet and that you are paying a fair price. The rising popularity of e-commerce worldwide has made the appearance of such a website long overdue.

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