Remote access specialists, LogMeIn has jumped into the lucrative business of cloud storage services, with the introduction of Cubby. It is more than obvious that, with Cubby, LogMeIn is eying the market share of Cloud storage services like Dropbox, and even iCloud.

With Cubby, users will be able to backup, sync and share files across Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, or Android devices. The service is still in beta and hence invite-only. Once they get invited, the users will be provided with 5 GB of free cloud storage in this beta period.


Cubby vs Dropbox & Others

Some of you might be wondering why another cloud storage service. But the way Cubby works is pretty different when compared to Dropbox, and iCloud. With Cubby, you don’t need to copy files over to a different folder, as Cubby lets you keep your existing file structure, allowing you to “cloud-enable” the folders you want synced. This is more like how Microsoft’s Live Mesh used to work.

The biggest reason for you to try Cubby is its unlimited peer-to-peer syncing across your own devices. This is a great feature to have in certain situations. For example, Cubby helps you to sync home PC and office PC without worrying about the cloud storage data limitations. What more? Users can configure which files or folders are synced where.

LogMeIn has also launched the Cubby app for iPhone & iPad, as well as for android which lets you access those important documents, pictures, videos and other data from your mobile devices.

Users will still need Cubby’s desktop application to save their data to the cloud; they can then access those files from other devices, as well as share and sync them with their friends or collaborators. Users can also share a cubby (shared folder) on a read-only basis. And individual cubbies can be saved for offline access.

LogMeIn is yet to announce the prices for Cubby. The company insists that they will be able to competitively price the service as it runs on low-cost hardware and proprietary stack. Cubby surely looks like a nice Dropbox alternative, but that will be decided by the price and performance.


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