With fuel prices going through the roof lately, it’s no wonder that people are looking towards alternatives in electric powered cars and renewable energy solutions. But the controversy and prices involving these technologies keep them from getting to the general public. And until they will be available for everyone, we will have to find solutions to cut back on our gas bills.

And what better device to do this then by using your trusty Android smartphone. Ever since Android devices hit the market, they have proven their utility and flexibility time and time again, making the Android OS probably the best mobile OS available so far. There are lots of apps available on the Google Play Store that can give you a helpful hand in cutting your gas bill and helping you save money.

9 Android Apps to Save Money on Gas

We’ve done an article on iPhone gas saving apps, and now it’s time to take a look at the best tools for you to use in trying to save money on gas, using your Android smartphone.

9. FuelLog – Car Management


FuelLog is more like a mechanic in your pocket all the time. It allows you to monitor your car’s mileage and consumption and it can give you detailed graphs and information about the costs involved in maintaining your car. You can also export your data in .CSV format to use it later or compare it in different time periods.

8. Gas Mileage Calculator


This app gives you the quickest method of finding out just how much money does your gas guzzler eat. This is the first step in planning on how to save money by reducing gas bills. The simplicity of the app is its best feature. Just input when you fill up and when you are empty, how many gallons of fuel you have filled and the price per gallon and Gas Mileage Calculator will show you how much your car consumes in gallons per mile or in $ per mile.

7. Fuel Friend Lite


A great tool for keeping your car’s expenses in check. Look at your mileage and fuel consumption very easy using the detailed charts featured in Fuel Friend Lite, also you can input new data very easy via the simple interface and export the data to your SD card so you can view it later.

6. Poynt


Poynt is an app that allows you to do many things, from searching for events, movies, restaurants or people to finding the cheapest gas prices in a location. A great tool to have when going on a road trip to an unknown place. Using Poynt will help you get there with some money in your pocket by only using the cheapest gas stations on the road.

5. AAA TripTik Mobile


This app was also featured in the iPhone review of gas saving apps, and here it is again! Because of its numerous uses, not for AAA members, but for anyone, AAA TripTik Mobile deserves your attention. Using this app, you can find a great deal of information about gas stations and their prices and also how to get to them.

4. MapQuest


MapQuest is an excellent Android map app, probably one of the best. But besides its great map service, it can help you in other ways. Such as getting you lots of information about your area, including gas stations and their prices. In addition, when you find a cheap gas station, you can get turn by turn instructions on how to get there with useful traffic and terrain information. All the tools you will need for cutting down your gas bill in one app.

3. Shell Motorist


I noticed that every driver has a favorite gas station that he goes back to time and time again. The same as a favorite restaurant or coffee shop. And for Shell lovers, there is now available an Android gas saving app that allows them to keep track of their fills and points. Also they can receive offers and cupons they can use later to buy gas and other services from Shell.

2. YP Yellow Pages & Gas Prices


Yellow Pages are known throughout the world. It’s the place you find just about anything you want. And via this Android gas saving App, you can now enjoy all the benefits of Yellow Pages on your Android device. Also, the app allows you to search for gas prices and compare them to find the cheapest one possible.

1. GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas


And we meet again with this app! GasBuddy has proven to be one of the best money savers on gas ever. For both iPhone and Android devices, GasBuddy offers top of the line services and can find the cheapest gas possible. In addition to this, you can input new gas stations that you find and you can receive gifts for it, such as gas tickets and many more. I highly recommend this for everyone who is serious about saving money on gas bills.

Now you have all the tools you need to start saving some money on your gas bills. It’s true, it might now show immediately, but if you give it time, you will notice that you save money in the long run and it will show.

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