This is breaking! We’ve just heard that Samsung Galaxy S3 (the SIM-free version) is already top-selling on Amazon Germany! We’ve previously reported that Samsung Galaxy S3 has been made available for pre-order at Amazon Germany for 599 euros ( almost 800 US dollars). I didn’t see in the past such an example (correct me if I’m wrong, though), when a phone that isn’t yet available was already top-selling! Maybe the iPhone!


Samsung Galaxy S3, Most Wanted Smartphone on Amazon

The announcement that Galaxy S3 will be launched on Vodafone UK hasn’t cooled of just yet and we’re already getting bombarded by new, enthusiastic information for Android fans: Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes the top selling SIM-free smartphone on! Browsing through the comments, I’ve managed to understand that the details come from Samsung officials themselves, therefore it seems that it will be, indeed, be named Samsung Galaxy S3.

I was suggesting in the past post that Samsung could switch to the next denomination, just as Apple seems to be doing with its gadgets. Some commenters hope that Samsung Galaxy S3 will come in both black and white colors and others are already debating how powerful the processor will be. We previously thought the Samsung Galaxy S3 will arrive earlier on the market, in April, but it seems that Samsung wanted to tease us a little more! Now, the wait is almost over!

[via] ItProPortal 

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