The world of smartphones and consumer technology is on fire these days. Before reaching its fifth year of success with the iPhone, it seems that Apple will meet its biggest rival yet – Samsung Galaxy S3. The interest for this hugely awaited smartphone is incredible, and Android lovers everywhere seem to be looking forward to this tech holiday.


Vodafone UK, First Carrier to Announce Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the most concerning question for impatient users is – what carriers will be Samsung Galaxy S3 launched on? Good news come for the Britons! Vodafone UK has added a special page for The Next Galaxy, as we are temporary referring to it. If Samsung Galaxy S3 will be 4G, the Vodafone users won’t be able to take use of it, at the moment.

I think that it would be weird to see Samsung switching to the next denomination and Apple to keep to the new one, but that’s not excluded! So, don’t be surprised if the  next Galaxy smartphone will actually be named – the next Galaxy S2! In the video specially released for Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, Samsung pokes fun at Apple and other competitors, as it has been doing in its recent past commercials.

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