I see a bright future for dictation apps. They make our lives easier and eliminate our need for typing. And let’s be serious, who in the world likes to type? These apps let us speak our text messages or emails, and in some cases, even entire documents. And because we’ve presented a list of our top picks for Android Dictation and Voice Recorder apps, now we turn our eye on the best solutions for iPhone Dictation Apps.

Top 10 iPhone Dictation Apps

As I mentioned in the Android review, these apps are not perfect so do not expect them to type 100% and expect some misspellings from time to time. Although they are not perfect yet, with every update they come closer and closer to that magic line where they will be integrated in every device and we won’t have to use the keyboard ever again.

10. Audio Memos – The Voice Recorder


This great iPhone Dictation app is simply wonderful. It can record with crystal clear fidelity anything from music to memos to lectures and anything in between. Also, its simple interface and intuitive use make it perfect for day to day use, and the record in background feature gives you the possibility to multitask at will. And you can playback your recordings with stunning sound quality and pretty loud, and also store them to the iCloud for later use.

9. QuickVoice2Text Email


Writing emails and text messages has never been easier! Using QickVoice2Text Email now you can do these things just by talking a few taps. Open the app and via its user friendly interface and you are ready to go in just a few moments. Also, using this great iPhone Dictation App, you benefit from lots of features such as background recording, sending voicemails and text messages in a few seconds and plenty more.

8. Recorder


If you were looking for a very good iPhone audio recorder for recording phone calls, email recordings and an app that has flexibility and lets you pause, rewind or stop a recording at any time, then look no further. Recorder is the iPhone Dictation App for you. It does all these things with great ease and it provides crystal clear audio for you to enjoy.

7. iRecorder Pro


The list of features that iRecorder provides its users in quite impressive, and to name just a few of them: high quality audio, simple and professional interface, easy to use and to navigate, Wi-Fi sync, iTunes sync, and the list goes on and on. iRecorder is something you must not pass if you are looking for a great quality iPhone Dictation App. I highly recommend it.

6. iTalk Recorder


“iTalk Recorder puts the sound quality you need in the palm of your hand.” This is what they say about this app, and they are not far from the truth. iTalk Recorder provides its users with the very best sound quality possible and it has one of the simplest interfaces of any app I’ve seen so far. Also, it gives you the possibility to sync your recording via iTunes and also voice search for previous recording within the app.

5. PocketDictate


What happens when you go on a business trip and you forget your recorder? Well, this iPhone Dictation App is more than suitable to address your dictation needs. From easy use and easy editing, rewind, pause, overwrite to easy sending for typing. The app stores bots wave (wav) or dictation (dct) file formats so you can quickly send the audio files to be typed.

4. Voice Answer


Voice Answer is a Siri type app that gives you voice control over your iPhone and great source of information willingly to help you anytime you want. Of course, Siri is the best iPhone Dictation App, but Voice Answer is a great alternative and it provides very good information on just about any topic.

3. Vlingo


Vlingo is another virtual assistant that can take the role of Siri. It can connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and give you feedback on what your friends are saying. When you want to reply, just tell Vlingo what to send them and it’s done. This awesome iPhone Dictation App makes socializing even more cool.

2. Dictamus – Dictate & Send


This basic recording app takes the second place in our top of the best iPhone Dictation Apps because of its sheer simplicity. It lets you dictate, rewind, overwrite and manipulate your recordings: send them via email or upload them on Dropbox. It provides you with great sound quality and a simple and intuitive interface so you can get to recording in a matter of minutes.

1. Dragon Dictation


And finally, we get to our number one iPhone Dictation App. And what do you know, no surprise here, we find Dragon Dictation. If you used in the past dictation apps, then you should be familiar with this app. It provides top notch services like Facebook or Twitter speech to text, emailing and texting with only the use of your voice and plenty more. A well deserved 1st place!

Of course, don’t forget about Siri, Apple’s own dictation app that does much more than any other, it listens, it understands and it gives you feedback on what you talk to her. Probably the best dictation app ever made, and the start of true Artificial Intelligence. And here you are, the best iPhone Dictation Apps you can enjoy on your iPhone.

Give them a try and give us your feedback in the comment section, and of course if you know other apps that do a great job transforming speech in written words, give us your suggestions.

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