Just when you have the feeling that you’ve heard about everything regarding what an app can do for you, then you set yourself up for a surprise. And Wederbank app does just that, offer an intriguing functionality for people who tend to be forgetful about things that matter. Under the tagline “Quid pro quo”, Wederbank encourages the users to archive the favours in their lives, either own or required. We saw the start-up at The Next Web Conference and we liked that idea!

Exchange Favors Instead of Money


Some might say that the technology might step off its boundaries here, when replacing the courtesy, but you need to judge this by yourself. Wederbank is an app that promises to help the users keep track of favors. Suppose a friend helps you move or paint your room or lends you the book you were looking for a long time. You plan to return the favor as soon as possible but then, all the daily routine come storming over your gratitude and forget about it.

Wederbank prevents this from happening. Moreover, the app advertises a new system of trading: exchange favours to get things done instead of money.

“Now that our financial systems are failing and most of us have to cut corners to make ends meet, it’s time to think of alternatives. Instead of spending a lot of money on professionals, why not call in some favours from friends?”

reads the official app description.

Keep Track of Who Owes You a Favor

The app allows the user add a Weder every time they receive a favour or did something nice for somebody else. The user needs to input a contact, the date and time, followed by a short description. The contact will receive a notification. The conversation module included allows the two parties to agree on the favour exchange and then they can seal the deal. It works something like “Remember, I’ve helped you move? Now you need to feed my cat while I’m away.”

For now, the app is available only for iOS 5 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It also needs the user’s Facebook account, as it is after all, a social network application. The company behind Wederbank promises that “support for other platforms and login with Twitter and with email, will soon be released.”

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