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A new service for bloggers who want to boost their posts and ideas in the virtual world has made some waves at this year’s edition of The Next Web conference. RollMe, for now released as beta, is advertised as a time-saving platform meant to help bloggers in their work. The service is meant to collect, design and advertise blog posts from a single platform. This tool promises to provide time management as well as monetising solutions.

RollMe Wants to Teach You About Smart Blogging


Developed for “smart blogging,” Rollme aims to deliver any relevant information and posts from friends in one convenient feed, Newsroll.

“Newsroll allows you to read content from all the linked social networks and blog resources. (…) You don’t have to sign into each of your social networks and open many windows in your browser,”

describe the company the main advantage of this service.

Apart from social networking, the service delivers tools for easy blogging. The blogger has to create his or her posts in a visual editor, choose a well-crafted title and type in the text. With the next step, the blogger has to add links, photos, videos or any other type of information that can make the post more interactive and vivid. Then all the blogger needs to do is to select a network were the blogger wants to publish the announcement.

RollMe Helps Bloggers Make Money

RollMe also takes care of the design options with the Showcase option. These showcases are pages created for one post each with an individual design. The “show it” option is available for any post in the Newsroll. If the blogger chooses to advertise one of his friends’ posts, he can do so. The blogger can even add his ideas to take the topic a little further and boost an online debate over a specific topic. There are also design option here as a set of predefined themes.

The service also taps into the bloggers’ financial hopes. RollMe promises to help users monetize their activities. They can earn money from context ads and affiliated programs that are automatically insert into their posts. The royalties are then sent to PayPal accounts.
RollMe comes with two account options, a free one and a pro-account that becomes available for users who are willing to pay a $7 monthly pay. The pro-account promises “100% export to any blog platforms and switch off advertising blocks on the publication pages.”

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