Have you wondered how your favourite clips from YouTube would look with a wide screen from a movie theater? So did the people from Upload Cinema, a start-up from Netherlands that I saw at The Next Web Conference. They came up with the idea of making a big event out of the best web videos. Videos on YouTube are becoming more and more popular and the most creative creators are even making money on YouTube.

UploadCinema Puts YouTube Videos on The Big Screen


Every two months, Upload Cinema presents a selection of web films focused on a specific theme. The website members submit their proposals then the team chooses the best movies, compiles them in a coherent programme of around 90 minutes. The selection is then screened in movie theaters and other special venues in various locations.

The public is informed about the upcoming events on the special website. In order to attend these special events, the public doesn’t necessarily need to subscribe to Upload Cinema website. If someone decides to do it, there are certain advantages, however. The members get priority in booking tickets and they are informed regularly about the upcoming premieres. The best part is that some lucky members are sometimes chosen to enter the jury and to decide what web videos are included in the final selection.

Web Movies Are Becoming More Popular

Upload Cinema managed to show movie selections in about 20 cities, mostly from Netherlands but also in Spain, in Barcelona and Madrid, in Belgium Antwerp and Hasselt and sometimes in other European countries. The Upload Cinema project has intriguing implications, beside its novelty.

“The web is changing film. Not only the way film content is being distributed, but also the way film is being produced and watched. The whole interactive process of making, mixing, choosing, uploading, commenting, recommending and reacting is what is truly revolutionizing the industry,”

says the Amsterdam-based team. They propose a different way of enjoying YouTube productions. The viewers move from the intimacy of their homes and share the watching experience with others, friends and strangers. So, get as more YouTube views as possible if you want to be among the winners!

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