Now that the Android King: Samsung Galaxy S3 is out and trying to make it into your country and carrier as soon as possible, we try to discover what me might have left behind. After carefully looking at Samsung Galaxy S3’s specs and special features, we realize that the makers of this shiny gadget have thought even about something that shouldn’t be their business – accessories.

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3


I don’t know what were Apple’s plans for the upcoming iPhone 5 or the new iPhone (if they’ll keep on naming their products new like the new iPad) but now they’ll have to change them. I think that the next iPhone has to come with something truly unique. They should try making it NFC, 3D or with a huge battery life; that would be a game changer. Until that moment, I think Samsung will cash in a lot from Samsung Galaxy S3.

And that’s why they’ve thought about some awesome and useful accessories for their gadget, in order to make the user experience more complete. Give them everything, were probably thinking the minds behind Galaxy S3: hardware, software and extras. While the hardware hasn’t advanced quite a lot (let’s say that there aren’t standards developed for that, like in the case with LTE and even batter), we can surely praise Samsung for their special features in the software field.

Extend Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Experience With These Accessories

To show that the user experience doesn’t end here for them, Samsung has come up with an impressive list of accessories which we’ll update on the go as soon as we get more information. For the moment, here are the most important official accessories coming from Samsung for this awesome tech babe:

  • C Pen Stylus – adding a little Galaxy Note style to it
  • All Share Cast – wireless streaming to your TV; direct competition to HTC’s Media Link HD video-mirroring device and Apple’s AirPlay.
  • S-Pebble MP3
  • HDMI adaptor
  • Wireless charging kit
  • Flip cover
  • Premium audio dock
  • Universal vehicle dock
  • Desktop dock
  • Battery charger stand
  • Car dock

image credits: Engadget

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