When Samsung first announced that it will release the Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300), everyone was excited about this new Android OS powered device that comes packed with a lot of high-end specifications and an impressive hardware. And tonight the wait is over! Samsung has finally launched this futuristic product and here are some important information customers willing to acquire the products must known.

Samsung Galaxy S3, Where and at What Price to Get it


So, when are you going to be able to get your hands on this shiny new toy? Well, Samsung stated at the press conference that the device will be ready for shipping starting 29th May, which is incredible good news considering the fact that a longer period of waiting was expected. The only issue remains that the exact constants of how buyers are going to be purchasing the goods were left in the dark at the conference. Initially, the Galaxy S3 smartphone will be launched in Europe, followed by Asia, Africa, South America and Latin America. In total, it will be launched in 145 countries over the next few days.

Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy S3 will be launched in summer, in USA, Japan and South Korea where it will be sold with 4G LTE. We don’t know the exact dates yet, but will keep you updated with that. If we are to follow the trends, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will become available via certain networks, but yet we have no information whether or not Samsung will enable users to buy the phones from their retail stores or not. Another important issue for customers is the pricing of course, but this detail too, has somehow been left in the dark.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price, Availability Worldwide

But let’s face it, the Galaxy S3 with all its futuristic specs won’t come with a light price tag. Let’s compare it to the Galaxy S2 who got a 500 pound tag when it was first launch, so the S3 will probably be an upgrade of that. Mind you, Amazon prebooking page says it’ll be priced at 599 Euros! Where will customers turn to get the new comer? Vodafone and O2 have admitted that they plan to offer the device but did not offer any other information so far. We will keep on updating the piece as soon as we find more information!

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  • AT&T
  • C Spire Wireless
  • Metro PCS
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon

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